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Best Organic Tinted Lip Balms

Updated on July 24, 2014

Why Going Organic is Best

When looking for a lip balm, I recommend organic because petrochemicals and additives in regular lip balms can be harmful and can cause allergic reactions over time. With so many great options in organic, it's easy to make the switch as many varieties are excellent and much kinder to your wallet.

Color fade used to be an issue with tinted lip balms, but with so many improvements, it really all depends on the brand and the condition of your lips when applying lip balm.especially tinted. You need a lip balm that holds in moisture and keeps your lips moist even if the color fades somewhat.Organic lip balms work the best in the long run because of the higher quality ingredients and are much safer to use in the long run.

One thing to keep in mind; if your lips are extremely dry and damaged from the elements of harsh weather, the balm may not penetrate enough to give your lips the moisture that is needed. Don't judge a lip balm as not working until you have treated your lips first. Here is a popular treatment that does work effectively. I've used it several times with great results.

Brown Sugar and Lemon Treatment

1 tblsp brown sugar

1 tblsp lemon juice

Dip a cleaned old toothbrush into the mixture and apply to your lips in a gentle circular motion. Exfoliate for just 30 to 60 seconds at the most. Let the mixture sit for about 1 minute. Gently remove the mixture using a moist washcloth and allow the lips to air dry slightly before applying a moisturizing lip balm like Fresh Sugar lip balm in lemon or Aquaphor salve.

I sometimes use olive oil on the lips as well and if I have enough mixture left will treat my hands to a nice scrub. This scrub is great for removing dry skin on the lips and body. The lemon acts as a mild peel and the sugar adds nutrients and is exfoliating without being too also tastes great!

A common question is if it is best to have a lip balm with spf; I believe it depends on where you live and the weather. Some places in winter where the heat index is low, you can get by without spf, but perhaps it's better safe than sorry, especially if you have summer all year round; (lucky you!). Another consideration with tinted lip balms is how much color is enough? If you don't like lipstick, a tinted lip balm with good color or just the right hint of color is great! You get good protection and the added beauty benefits of wearable protection on the go. If you are like me, I don't like to fuss with lip pencil, lipstick and then gloss everyday; a good tinted lip balm is just what I need anytime. I only get a bit fussy with makeup for an evening out or special occasion, most of the time, my typical day look is mascara, bronzer and lip balm and in summer often times, it's just the lip balm at the pool or beach. Easy does it, especially as you age. I've learned the value of "less is more".

How Often Should You Exfoliate?

It is best to exfoliate your lips at least once per week, perhaps twice or more depending on climate. Also, remember to hydrate by drinking plenty of fluids. Most lip dryness is attributed to not enough hydration in your body. If drinking water is too much, eat fruits and veggies that hydrate such as cantaloupe, watermelon, cucumber and kiwi. You skin will look luminous along with the health benefits of antioxydents and your lips will stay hydrated year round.

Best Organic Lip Balms

Here are some of my favorite organic tinted lip balms. This one is my "go to" by Burt's Bees listed above. This lip balm has just the right amount of color and protection. The color is fresh and not to heavy. I like how soft and moist my lips feel when I am wearing this balm. It is not flavored but the color stays on pretty well and is not sticky. I like that this balm comes in a good variety of colors. I like "pink" and "hibiscus"...hibiscus is ALWAYS sold out. You can find this lip balm in your local drug store, supermarket, health food store. If your store does not carry this brand, I have included a link to for more information and ordering.

Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Balm in Honey

I love this lip balm because of the fresh scent and it really works! No matter what time of year, this balm delivers just the right amount of color and softness to my lips. I love this balm in honey because it is a subtle "better than your natural lip" tone which works great for everyday wear or subtle color when wearing "earth tones" at the office. When you use this lip balm regularly, you will definitely notice an improvement to your lip's skin texture. It does help soften fine lines on the lips with regular use. The oils and humectants in the balm work wonderfully for all ages and skin types. The balm also comes in rose, which is also a nice pink tone. I wanted to include the honey because I think this is the best color in the Fresh line.

Great SPF Lip Balms

The lip balms listed above contain SPF 15 and come in a variety of colors. Check your local grocer or Korres Lip Butter, which is a bit more pricey but also great. Korres has lots of shea butter in it which is great in harsh, cold weather. I love wearing Korres when the temperature gets below zero. Great stuff. Just click the highlighted text for more information on the product at This product is also available at Sephora. I picked "pomegranate" for the neutrality of color that looks good on just about everyone.

For Further Reading

This is a first installment for this "hub". Have you tried the tinted lip balms mentioned above? If so, please share your experiences and offer you favorites in the comments below. For more information on skin care recipes and articles, please visit my website at : Till next time.....

Walk in Beauty.

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