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How to dress appropriately for those with very muscular calves / legs (guide for women)?

Updated on January 7, 2012

Some women have very muscular calves that are out of proportion with the rest of the legs and body. This is mostly due to heredity (you have to thank your parents for them, just kidding). Anyway, it is very possible to hide these very muscular calves with trendy clothing and make you look like you have very good proportion.

Boot cut jeans – Boot cut jeans are universally flattering to all women. It is tight on the waist and thighs but not figure hugging for your muscular calves. These will hide the lower part of your legs and elongate your body. It is suitable to pair it with heels or flats (depends on your height).

Flare jeans + platform sandals – Flare jeans are similar to boot cut except that it opens up more at the bottom. It hides that the fact that you have very muscular calves. Pair it with some platform sandals and you will look awesome. It is important to keep in mind that flare jeans will only flatter a taller woman. It also tends to balance out full hips as well. Shorter / petite women should avoid flare jeans because they tend to overwhelm your small frame.

Boyfriend jeans + platform sandals – Boyfriend jeans that are rolled up about 12 cm (4.7 inches) above the ankles are especially suitable for those with very muscular calves. It shows off the skinniest part of your legs and create the illusion of skinner calves and you. It is very trendy to pair the boyfriend jeans with platform sandals for the summer. While flats are okay too, high heel sandals provide that added height that most women need.

Boyfriend jeans + flats or round toed heels – Boyfriends jeans are very flattering for all types of figures and legs. Women with very muscular calves tend to look bigger / out of proportion which can be masked by boyfriends jeans that are about 12 cm (or 4.7 inches) above the ankles. Pair it with flats or round toed heels for a perfect look. Shoes that show off part of you feet will create an even skinnier look.

Above the knee dress + socks (color very close to the skin, with either vertical stripes or diagonal rectangle pattern) – For women that don't want to hide their very muscular calves, dress plus the appropriate socks are the perfect combination. The dress can be of any color; dark colors tend to work better. The socks need to be a color that is close to your skin's color. Many will say that this kind of socks will expose your flaws. While it is true that it will let other people see the shape of your calves, the right pattern can give the illusion of skinnier calves. The socks need to be some kind of vertical pattern because those kinds of patterns tend to work on bigger calves.


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    • profile image

      angry!! 2 years ago

      why in the hell would you want to hide such beautiful things as muscular female calves????? it should be showed off not hidden dumbass!!! its probably a lady or male that has cast white legs that look like chicken legs that posted this bullshit!!!

    • profile image

      Calvy McCalverton 5 years ago

      Try being petite and having noticeably muscular calves. My parents don't have them; I attribute them to my running and working out.