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What to Wear to Bikram Yoga

Updated on April 23, 2010

Mika Yoga Wear

Mikaela Side String Shorts, Tula Bra Top
Mikaela Side String Shorts, Tula Bra Top
Fold over Long Short
Fold over Long Short
Long Linda Yoga Top
Long Linda Yoga Top
Audrey Side string Capri, Ella Top
Audrey Side string Capri, Ella Top
Audrey Capri, Tula Top
Audrey Capri, Tula Top

What to Wear to Bikram Yoga

When I began practicing Bikram Yoga I didn't think much about what to wear. I showed up in a sports bra, t-shirt, and running shorts. Halfway through class I tore off my t-shirt and wished I hadn't chosen to wear my running shorts- the constant adjusting and riding up got old real fast.  The next class I went to I came more prepared and found some old tight legging cotton capris & my usual sports bra. Better, but later found out halfway through class that being the heavy sweater I am, cotton + sweat= soggy, loose, uncomfortable yoga wear. I thought to myself, if I have to stare at myself in the mirror for 90 minutes I better feel good in my bikram yoga wear! I was set on purchasing my first pair of hot yoga wear shorts.... until I saw the price. $45 for spandex shorts?! No thank you, so I was determined to be on the lookout for a decent priced pair of suitable hot yoga wear shorts. I found some short workout shorts at the local sports store in town for about $25. Cotton/Spandex blend, fairly flattering, and decently priced, so I gave them a try. The cotton/spandex blend held its shape better than I thought so I kept wearing them. Towards that time of the month though I noticed the elastic band  became tighter & created  the oh so dreaded muffin top around my curvy hips. I was so distracted by my love handles hanging out I thought maybe it was worth it to spend a little more on hot yoga shorts so that I can at least feel good in them- at all times of the month!

 So I saved some money and bought my first pair of Hot Yoga Shorts.  I wore them to every class! I would wash them after every yoga class so that they would be dry in time for the next day. I never regretted my $ yoga short purchase because of how comfortable they were and how often I wore them.  So my advice when searching for bikram yoga wear is to buy something that is sweat resistant, comfortable around the waistline and to buy quality yoga clothes. It doesn't always necessarily mean you have to spend $45/50$ on hot yoga shorts, there are a few yoga brands out there that offer affordable and quality hot yoga wear. Don't know any? Check out :

Mika yoga wear is a hot yoga wear line that was created specifically for Bikram Yoga, a ton of cute and flattering hot yoga shorts, hot yoga capris, and hot yoga tops all in fun pretty colors.


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    • profile image

      Marya Oakes 

      6 years ago

      Etsy has some great shorts for Bikram Yoga as well, and some of these options are more affordable than the major brands. Check out Rival Sun on etsy for some really unique bikram yoga shorts.


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