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Black and White Fashions

Updated on April 29, 2013

Black & White- It's Back - But Did It Ever Go Away ?

We're seeing alot of black and white on the runways, in the hottest fashion magazines and in the trendiest stores.

It's the monochromatic marriage of dark and light. Feminine and masculine.

Looks smashing apart. But screams "class" together.

When you want to look polished, day or evening, you can't go wrong with Black & White.

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Black & White

Not a Fashion Trend - It's a Classic

When we think of trends, we think of styles that are in one season and out the next. And though the combination of black and white together might be a "hot trend" this season, seperately, the pieces you buy today can be mixed and matched tomorrow or in two years from now.

Alone, black will never go out of style, nor will white.

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Spring 2013 Runway Looks

If you liked the 60's you'll love the new black and white trend. Lots of mod, geometric and color block looks in tops, skirts and dresses along with stripes, checks and polka dots.

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Hot Black and White Purses

You don't have to spend a fortune on fashion trends! All you really need are a couple of great accessories to give your current black and white wardrobe some some extra sizzle!

Plus Size Black & White

You've probably been told all your life you can't wear patterns and you should stay away from white. Yes and No.

If you're Plus Size you can certainly wear white on the top portion of your body if, for example you're pear-shaped, as long as you wear a dark color on the lower half. The key to looking great in anything is a keen eye for balancing your proportions.

This Plus Size model is wearing the perfect outfit showing how vertical stripes can work to make you appear taller and slimmer. The same thing can be accomplished by wearing a white and black vertical on the top with a plain black skirt.

The only rule for Plus Size with stripes: NO HORIZONTALS.

No matter what the trend is, horizontal stripes make anyone look larger. I've noticed a big trend in Plus Size bodycon and geometric dresses with huge horizontal stripes which look unflattering on anyone no matter which size they are. Just because they're selling it doesn't mean you have to buy it. If you're plus size and you like horizontal stripes, look for the smallest possible stripes in dark colors.

Image Credit

Big Pattern - Little Pattern

Even if you're young and slim, you still need to follow the pattern rule. Well, maybe not. You're young enough to break the rules! But if you're like the rest of us you need to follow the pattern rule. Big pattern on small body - little pattern on big body. This is a fun look if you're young but not recommended for anyone over 25.

Image Credit

Black & White Mod Look

This picture is from New York Magazine Fall 2005. Eight years later, it's back again in the form of Geometric and Bodycon dresses, reminiscent of the 60's Mod Look.

Image Credit

Calvin Klein Color Block Dress CHECK PRICE

Summer Convertible Dress/SkirtCHECK PRICE

Jones New York Sheath Dress CHECK PRICE

Black & White Shoes - A Style for Everyone

There's a black and white shoe for everyone whether it be platform, kitten heel, chunky heel or pump, Amazon has a great selection of current styles!

Chie Mihara Women's Cocco Platform Sandal
Chie Mihara Women's Cocco Platform Sandal

Have you noticed the trend towards a chunkier heel? A welcome relief from the high platforms. Love this one! Its the perfect "Mod" shoe for the 60's Geometric Dress.

Jessica Simpson Women's Philomena Sandal
Jessica Simpson Women's Philomena Sandal

You'll love this black and white patterned sandal that dresses up your basic black or white


Black & White Chic for Daytime

The lines of this shirt topped over the slimming black pencil pants give the illusion of height and slimness by drawing the eye downward. A great lean look if you're on the short or plus size.

Pumps will always make you look taller as they're not like gladiator sandals which cut you off at the ankle.

Accessorizing Black & White - Keep it Simple.

Ottoman Colorblock Bodycon Dress

Stripe block design and a lightweight fit that stretches to accentuate curves; this bebe bodycon dress is sure to be a new-season statement piece you'll want to wear over and over again. Try it with a pair of wedge sandals and a statement necklace.

Black & White On The Town

The trick to wearing a black and white stripe? Don't go pattern crazy! Remember to "balance" the look.

Here's a great example of how pattern is balanced with the stripe being worn on the top (the tank), in the middle (the bracelet) and on the bottom (the shoes). The whole look is balanced and stabilized by the solid black skirt and handbag.

You could do this with any pattern (not just stripes) and it will give you a "together" look without being "over the top".

Black & White - Daytime Office

The accessories may change but the wardrobe staples never do. If you buy a classic black jacket it will take you from one season to another.

Image Credit: Sugar Shack Designs

Are YOU planning to update your wardrobe with Black & White this season?

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    • Michey LM profile image

      Michey LM 4 years ago

      I like the combination of black and white. You have a great collection.