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How many ways can you rock tights / leggings with confidence

Updated on February 22, 2012

Nowadays, tights / leggings are essential pieces in a woman's wardrobe and can be added to many different outfits. In addition to be very fashionable, tights are also practical because they provide warmth for your legs in colder weather. There are so many different tights (length, color and style) available, it is difficult to know exactly how to wear them. This hub is all about how to rock tights with confidence.

Blacks stirrup tights – These are flattering for almost anyone. They are especially good for a shorter woman because it visually lengthen the legs. To avoid looking like someone from the eighty's, it is important to select the stirrup tights that covers part of your feet. These are really trendy and stylish. For a causal day, you can choose to wear a long length tee (covers the butt), a pair of black stirrup tights, a pair of black pumps and a leather belt that defines the waist. This outfit is suitable for women and can be wore for a lot of different causal occasions. You will look good effortlessly.

Long black tights – These tights can be paired with a short dress for added coverage or warmth. In addition to short dresses, they can be paired with almost anything for a more refined look. Ladies that worry about their dresses or shorts or skirts being too short can just turn to the long black tights for a quick fix. When paired with black dress, it is important to accessorize with some other color in order to add highlight to the outfit. These are really versatile and should be added to every woman's closet. Both the opaque and transparent ones are useful for your wardrobe.

yellow is used in this case to highlight all black outfit.
yellow is used in this case to highlight all black outfit.

Black tights / leggings that are at the calves – These are black tights that stops at the calves. They highlight the calves and should be worn by a lady with very shapely calves. These can be paired with a long top that is of a lighter color and a pair of platform sandals. Complete the outfit by accessorizing with some feather earrings for a very causal, carefree look. To avoid looking like having short legs, you have to belt the long top with a nude colored leather belt.

Black tights that are at the knees – Black tights that fall at the knees need to be paired with something short. You want to show off the black tights because you are showing your leggings. However, it is a more classy and refined look compared to just showing the bare legs. A cute hobo top that falls just below the hips, a pair of short jean skirt that is 2 inches below the butt, a pair of black tights that are at the knees and a pair of high heel sandals to show off the feet / pedicures are the perfect combination for younger women. This look is especially appropriate for slander women with skinny legs.

Shimmering tights – These tights give off sparkles of light under the sun. It will draw more attention to the legs. These are really meant for a confident woman with very shapely legs. It has to paired with a opaque outfit for a great look.

Other tights (white, horizontal stripes, multicolor stripes and other funky patterns). These tights are very funky and not particularly flattering for the average women. A pair of white tights can make your legs look huge. Horizontal striped tights make your legs look short and fat; it is not recommended unless you have very long skinny legs. Other irregular patterns can make your outfit look very busy and less classy. You really should not attempt these tights unless you are going to a Halloween or custom party.


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