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The Black Man

Updated on October 7, 2010

Black Man

The essence

The black man. The real definition of tall, dark, and handsome. Unmatched in this world when it comes to the men of different races. The black man is like a superhero. Can reach heights taller than a New York Skyscraper. Sharper than a freshly sharpened No. 2 pencil used for the SAT. Able to take your girlfriend at the wink of an eye. The essence of the black man is untouched. The swagger of the black man is like no other. That is why we are thankful for the blessing of life, word to our mothers. Creative, inivative, and damn sure is paid up. What makes us black men so rare? It may be a little unfair, but I know I look so could you can't help but to stop and stare. So read the rest and comprehend with that instrument beating in your chest, because when a woman finds a black man she knows she's found the best.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so as a black man Ima get this dirt off my shoulder. Round nose, brown eyes, and a smile so bright the Kool-Aid man will hate on it. You ain't got to wait on it, because as black men, we bringin it real and never fake on it. If you a white man, hispanic, or any other race, appreciate yours because I damn well appreciate mines. I'm not saying something wrong with you, but as a black man I feel perfect in every way, shape, form, or color. Dark-skin, brown-skin, light-skin, bright-skin, the black man is like many races all following the same color. Black. We comin hard like a linebacker looking for a sack, but for right now Ima be the quarterback and toss some more lyrics so get your mind back on track and off my field.

Hair. Wavy, cornrows, and dreaded up because long-hair don't care. Mustache sitting comfortably on top of a set of full lips. Sideburns running to meet each other at the bottom of the chin, look so good got your wife wanting to sin. Thick like Rick Ross or just keep em thin because that's how I like to floss. We black men have gotten so sick wit it, real talk, that we even rocking mohawks. No matter what the style is, all these have one thing in common, and is the most important art to the many styles. Gotta be the fresh line-up. Shape-up, tape-up, call it what you want but I don't need no make up if that line-up is on deck. The hair is what make the black head, but that's only one part of black passion. Let's look at the beauty, style, and swag of black fashion.

There are many black fashions but all can be described in one word. FRESH. New type gangsters with baggy pants and a fitted cock to the side. Business attire to show the world that the black man is wise. Button up's buttoned down damn I feel so sexy I gotta just frown. Many colors like a clown or wearing all black like 3 in the morning in a small town. Give my brutha a pound even though he ain't saying nothing but that coat is loud. We call them pimps. Walkin with a limp because my brutha so fresh you can't make him exempt. Tight shirt and skinny leg jeans with a small sag, whatever the style is us black men know we got swag. So much that we can put it in a dufflebag and carry it all the way around the world. Shiny like a pearl, fresh white-T, all I need is a nice pair of jeans and fresh pair sneaks to make my outfit complete. I'm so cool I feel no heat, but I'm so hot I can melt sleet. So I don't need to repeat because you already feel the essence of these words so strong I feel so elite.

Feel the power when I say these two words: Black Man. Superhero, fashion expert, hair stylists, and the sexiest thang to walk this Earth since Jesus left it to us to roam around. I thank God for my color, my style, my essence, my swagger, and the breath in my body to express my color, style, essence, and swagger. I look in the mirror everyday and say to myself, "Damn I'm fine". Black is beautiful, black is lovely, and black is me. If you don't understand what's been said than let your eyes do a instant replay of this passage. If you don't understand what I wrote, then you don't understand my feeling of great power, honor, and dignity as a black man. I thank you for your eyes and your heart because I really didn't want you to listen with your ears. So as I sow these seeds Ima reep these benefits and love my life and despite the strife, I feel like my man James Brown: SAY IT LOUD, I'M BLACK AND I'M PROUD!


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