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Blonde Costume Wigs

Updated on August 25, 2013

Blonde Costume Wigs - Ideal Wigs for Christmas and Any Other Occasion

A Blonde Wig sends out a multitude of signals when worn, which makes them an ideal candidate for beoing worn several times throughout the year. What will set off that Christmas costume more than a blonde wig emphersizing great color contrats, be it as santa or perhaps a sexy or saucy Christmas sauceress. Then there is the Blonde Halloween Wig theme. Halloween is another great time of year for dressing up and one that allows you to quite literally let your hair down, throw caution to the wind and dress up like a ghoul, ghost, goddess, or demon. Not all bad of course...

From children right up to adults it is the one time that we all get the chance to express any naughtiness that may lurk within us. That is expressed by wearing some really great costumes with wigs or hairpieces as its main feature or simply the finishing touch.

One of the most popular wigs tends to be blonde Halloween wigs as they are pretty much multipurpose and can be used for other events throughout the year and not just Halloween. You will see what I mean when you start to scroll down and look at some of the wigs that can be purchased.

Buying Blonde Costume Wigs - Nothing Could Be Simpler

Simply make your choice from the below selection, click on the link and you will be taken directly to where you can gain all the relevant details and information on your chosen product before you commit to buy. Once happy simply add to basket or come back here and reselect if not, shopping with confidence could not be any easier.


Blonde Costume Wig

When it comes to selecting your Halloween blonde costume wig you can afford to think a little differently, after all it will not be an every day wig, but of course as we previously said because you are choosing a blonde Halloween wig there will be other functions and seasonal occassions where you will probably get a better opportunity to wear it again, unlike someone that has bought a blue wig.

Depending on the look you or your child is going for the hair should be the key to finishing off the overall look after all you don't want the two to conflict and spoil the impact that you are trying to create.

Remember short hair sits pretty and is quite unobtrusive while medium length gets attention and a little focal point, long blonde hair will instantly become the focal point and get most of the costumes attention. So just a little food for thought when choosing your blonde costume wig for your Halloween look.

Siren Blonde Premium Wig - A Blonde Costume Wig Simply Oozing With Style

Luxurious soft flowing waves and layers. This Premium Quality Wig also has an attached Comfort Wig Cap made with a soft cotton stretch material that is open and breathable and with adjustable straps for that comfortable and secure fit. Wicked Wigs Collection looks and feels like natural hair. Made from a Silky Soft and Tangle Free High-Quality Synthetic Kanekalon Fiber. Color is Blonde/Light Blonde. Length is 26". One Size Fits All.

Cheap Blonde Wigs

Cheap Does Not Mean Low Quality

Obviously there is not much point spending hundreds of dollars on your blonde Halloween wig unless you have ideas about using it for a more regular use in which case I would recommend you take a look this Front Lace Wigs website.

Any Halloween wig will require a certain expenditure, but by buying from a recommeded, reputable retailer can provide you with some really great savings. Especially by buying at this time of year.

Cheap does not mean low quality, no more than a free website takes any less work if you are going to make it valueble, interesting, and beneficial to its visitors. Cheap often means that the company selling the item has procured a large amount of the items or has a greater buying power than some of the more smaller outlets.

When Your Look Needs a Little Impact - Men Don't Stand a Chance With Stunning Blondes Like These

Seductress Wig Costume Accessory
Seductress Wig Costume Accessory

Red Blonde Wig comes in reddish blond! It has soft full waves that cascade from the crown of the head to mid-back. There are soft layers added to frame the face in a soft and salacious light, giving you the most flattering look! Guarantee all heads turn to you when you walk in the room! Pick this up today! This Red Blonde Wig would be the perfect complement to any theme this year!

* Synthetic Fiber

* Available in Sizes: Available in ONE SIZE ONLY

* Available in Colors: Auburn, Blonde, Brunette and Reddish Blonde

* Item Includes: Wig

* Pictured items not included: Top, Necklace

* Material: 100% Synthetic Fiber


Looking for That Dreamgirl Look? - A Blonde Dreamgirl Look Really Rocks the Boat

California Costumes Women's Glamour Blonde Wig, Blonde, One Size
California Costumes Women's Glamour Blonde Wig, Blonde, One Size

* Available in ONE SIZE ONLY

* Available in Colors: Blonde

* Item Includes: Wig

* Pictured items not included: Sunglasses, Necklace, Top

* Material: 100% Synthetic Fiber


Dashing Hair with Added Flair

Forum Novelties 23077 Sexy Sue Blonde Wig
Forum Novelties 23077 Sexy Sue Blonde Wig

Peggy Cheerleader Wig (Blonde) Adult Halloween Costume Accessory.


Going the Whole Hog with a Blonde Wig

Getting Noticed Will be a Success With These Great Wigs

Franco American Novelty Smoky Eyes Wig in Black with Blonde Streaks/Highlights
Franco American Novelty Smoky Eyes Wig in Black with Blonde Streaks/Highlights

The possibilities are Endless in this Edgy long, layered, straight black with blonde highlights wig

* Long, layered, straight black with blonde highlights

* Black with Blonde Highlights (in some light just a smidge of reddish brown)

* Std Size Women


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    • TriviaChamp profile image

      TriviaChamp 7 years ago

      Wow. I had no idea that you could find so many styles to choose from. Kudos on the lens.

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      anonymous 7 years ago

      Great information! I have bought wigs before for Halloween only to be disappointed. Now, I can make a better decision on my purchase. Thanks!