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Treating blushing gently

Updated on August 26, 2011

I am not blushing

Your own generous treatment for blushing

Blushing treatment can be very simple if you want to treat it conservatively. Blushing is a social embarrassment associated with a sweaty face or palm. It is nothing but an expression of sympathetic reaction. There are some other ways in medical dictionary for blushing treatment as well. It is highly recommended by the physician that anyone should not go directly for these treatments like taking drugs which affect your nervous system like Robinol, Propanthelin etc. or by using some sedative. There is another harder option for these unwanted blushing is the endoscopic clamping of the sympathetic chain of the thorax. Rather than going for such a difficult procedure or treatment, it is always a good idea to find some handy solution for this benign problem. The easiest way to deal with this problem is to develop or strengthen your own confidence. If you go out and meet with a lot of people and get accustomed to a different environment, it will automatically help you to get sensitized in other social situations.The easiest way to prevent blushing is becoming an outgoing person. If you meet with a lot of people and friends every day, which can help you become free in all situations. It is nothing but sensitizing your brain and mind to become acquainted with any kind of unexpected situations. The remedy for preventing blushing lies in our hands only. If we can concentrate and meditate our mind and train that we are not going to express our feeling of satisfaction, happiness, embarrassment, anger or fear to anybody else, this can easily help to us to get rid of blushing disaster. There are other common causes of unwanted blushing like allergic reaction due to some food, or over exposure of sun or due to use of unsuitable makeup. There are physical causes which we can easily treat just by avoiding them. But the issue related to the nervous system, we have to either train our mind or do some mind concentrating practice like mediation.

Tips for griming your blushing

It sounds funny, but lots of people are breaking their head to know the perfect answer of how to stop blushing. Earlier it was believed that blushing is an expression of showing emotional feeling or affection for someone you love. But nowadays this is turning into social stigma for some people. Let us first discuss about how to stop blushing. Blushing can be easily overcome by gaining self confidence. A sign of blushing like redness of cheek is often associated secretion of adrenaline or by the parasympathetic reaction.  Blushing usually expressed automatically when you are suffering from fear, anger or affection. But in a lot of cases like social gathering, you cannot show your feeling towards your colleague. Easiest way to train your mind, is to remain calm in awkward situations. If we practice some small tips, like to avoid drinking alcohol, avoid eating spicy food and doing some meditation can help us save from unwanted blushing.


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