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Bodyhose For Men | Covered In Pantyhose From Head To Toe

Updated on October 14, 2009
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Ever looked down at your stocking clad leg and wished that you could be encased in the sensation of pantyhose? Not just covered from top to toe in some kind of bodystocking, but actually encapsulated entirely by the soft, smooth sensation of nylon? Well now you can be. It's called bodyhose and it is described as clothing which covers the entire body, a seamless garment which cocoons the flesh.

Now how does one get inside a pair of bodyhose? Well, there are waist banded holes at each end of the garment, which means that what you're climbing inside is essentially one large tube of hosiery. For those who want to be encased within, a partner is necessary to tie both ends off whilst you loll around in lingerie heaven.

Alternatively, bodyhose can be worn, cami style around the torso, and stretched down to the thighs, knees or ankles for the look and feel of a sheer hose dress. Essentially, bodyhose is an ultra flexible blank slate upon which you can paint your wildest hosiery dreams.

Bodyhose is made of a microfiber nylon spandex, which means that is super soft and pretty strong, however if you go playing about in it with toe and fingernails like talons and wearing pointy jewelry, then there is a decent chance that you will get a run in your cocoon of hose, so care is always recommended.

Aficionados of bodyhose climb inside the womb of hosiery for many different reasons. Some like to meditate, some enjoy sleeping in this fashion and others are just having a really, really good time whilst they're in there. Some people have even been suspended in their bodyhose, but, as the manufacturer notes, bodyhose are not intended for suspension and people undertake such activities at their own risk. If you happen to be a 220 lb guy, I'd say the risk of breakage is relatively high, but hey, who knows until you try it, right?

For the lingerie lover who thought he had everything, bodyhose is likely to be a welcome addition to the collection. No longer are you limited by stockings which can only fit one leg in them, bodyhose is proven to be able to fit at least two relatively petite women inside them, so if you happen to have a partner who also enjoys the touch of nylon, the both of you can slip inside this tube of sweet delights and enjoy lingerie in a whole new dimension.

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