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Boho Style Kimono Jackets

Updated on March 26, 2015

Kimono Jackets for the Woman with a Bohemian Spirit

When dressing in a Bohemian Gypsy style outfit, known today as the Boho Chic trend, it is important to complete the outfit with an outer layer, or a third piece as it is often called in the fashion industry.

Layering is a big part of the Boho look and adding that third piece is a very important part of the layering process.

There are many different pieces to choose from, depending on the look you want to achieve, to incorporate into our layering for the overall Boho style.

There are several varieties of outerwear garment accessories that I like to use the most often to add that extra bit of detail to my Bohemian style outfits. They include the kimono, the vest, the art crafted cardigan, the shawl and the poncho.

On this page I are focusing on my ultimate favorite outerwear piece; the flowing kimono jackets inspired by the elegant kimonos of Japan.

I love wearing kimono reproductions and inspirations. They have such a light, airy feeling that billows as you walk, like a cloud surrounding your body. Beautiful patterns of color and object 'd art are woven into the sheer delicate, flowing chiffon and silks of Japan.

Kimono style jackets are amazing pieces to include in any wardrobe because they are so versatile and can be worn with so many different things to create fabulous outfits.

Kimono cardigans can be worn with blue jeans or skinny pants. They can be worn with blue jean cutoff shorts for a Boho look or white summer shorts for a tropical resortwear outfit.

Wear one over a cami with a pretty pencil skirt or a flowing Bohemian skirt. Add a kimono cardigan jacket as the final piece to wear over a Boho Chic style maxi dress or an elegant evening dress.

It just depends on the occasion you are dressing for and the look you wish to achieve when deciding what type of fabric and quality kimono style jacket you wish to use.

I love wearing these types of flowing pieces during warmer months to accent my outfits. They are the last layer added to my outfits as the 'icing on the cake' finishing touch.

I have a variety of them in my wardrobe made of several different fabrics, prints and styles to match my personal fashion style. For colder months a have several wool, quilted and sweater knit type kimonos.

Keep in mind there are only three really important things to remember when searching for Boho Chic kimonos to wear with Bohemian Gypsy outfits.

Stay Calm, Have Fun and Fly Free!!

Boho Japanese Inspired Kimono Style Jackets

Women's Floral Sheer Crop Sleeve Chiffon Kimono Blouse by Lookbook

Chill out this summer wearing this beautiful sky blue floral print sheer chiffon kimono jacket with crop 3/4 length sleeves.

It looks amazing tossed over a bandeau and bleached cutoffs for a total Boho look and I bet you can come up with a lot more ways to use this awesome sheer summer piece! It is also available with a beige background and pink floral print.

If you like the 'Flowy Lace Straps Crop Tank' featured in the photo under the kimono, click the Amazon link to the right, then scroll down below the Amazon description to find it, or after clicking the link do a search for "LookbookStore Women's Flowy Lace Straps Crop Tank Bustier".

Women's Floral Print Collarless Long Sleeve Tailored Blazer by Ellazhu

The manufacturers are calling this a blazer, but to me it has the lines and floral designs of a kimono, except it is cut with the slightly more tailored feel of a blazer.

You will find that the jacket fits well, (just like the photo) and that the floral cotton blend fabric actually feels a bit like silk, but at a much more affordable price.

I really love this little jacket as it works well as an accessory piece for my Bohemian style wardrobe, but also is a great summer jacket to wear with more contemporary bottoms, like woven twill shorts, skinny pants and modern color block summer dresses.

Black and White Kimono Jacket by Signals

I love this kimono jacket!

It looks fabulous when worn with a pair of white jeans, a white skirt or completing a Boho outfit.

I also think it is totally rock when worn with black and white; a black pair of skinny pants and a white silk tank or vice versa; a black silk blouse with white raw silk pants or white skinny jeans.

I would wear a big floppy hat and a pair of strappy sandals to complete the outfit.

I think it will turn a casual white maxi length tank top dress or spaghetti strap dress into a stunning summer fashion statement.

It is casual elegance at its best!

The kimono jacket is patched with panels of the beautiful sheer floral print the Japanese are so well known for, along with sheer polka dot fabric and with black-on-black jacquard panels running from the shoulders down the front.

The back is solid black-on-black jacquard from the same fabric as the front panels and it has a black frog closure in the front.

Each kimono will be a one-of-a-kind piece. No two kimonos will be the same as the fabric patches will vary, but the look and style will remain the same as the photo.

Fringed Bohemian Style Kimono Inspired Cardigan Jackets


Women Summer Floral Loose Tassels Kimono Cardigan

This is the exact same kimono which you see featured above in the Polyvore outfit suggestion, but you won't believe the price!

It has been marked way down and the shipping is free.

The pretty pink floral print is right on time for spring. I would also wear it over a creamy ivory, a pink or a blue solid color sundress.

Mint Floral Paisley Bohemian Kimono by On Trend

Let the sheer, chiffon-like fabric of this mint paisley and floral fringed kimono inspired jacket float about you with every move!

Wear it out in the evening dressed up over a black scoop-neck cami-style maxi dress. For a more casual look I would pair it with a white lace cami and hot pink satin skinny pants. Either way, no one will be able to take their eyes off you.

Wear it during the day over white shorts and a hot pink tube top or with a gauzy gypsy skirt.

Lucky Love Floral Fringe Kimono

Just in time for spring, I like this whimsical fringed Boho kimono with its pretty spring floral pattern of pansies and daffodils in different shades of pink, turquoise, yellow, and green.

I would wear it over an ivory Boho skirt, a maxi dress, a pair of cut of blue jean denim shorts or a pair of jeans.

It will add style and panache to just about anything you want to wear in your summer wardrobe and can be worn day or night. How versatile is that? It totally rocks!

Wardrobe Ideas for this Beautiful Floral Fringe Kimono


Outfit Idea Wearing a Black Floral Fringe Kimono

Boho Rose Floral Tassel Fringed Kimono Jacket Top

A stunning look for any Boho girl's night on the town.

The black fringe floral kimono makes a stunning fashion statement while keeping off the chill on a spring or summer night. It will look just as fabulous if pair with a red dress instead of the black one.

Yes, it looks fabulous worn over this black pencil dress for a bit of evening elegance, but will also look grand for casual Boho chic style when worn with a pair of jeans or a pair of cut off denim shorts.

I love wearing fringed kimono pieces to summer rock concerts and parties. For a complete Boho look, try styling this kimono with a pair of high rise jeans, a crop top or a tube top, bangle bracelets and cute ankle booties.

I like wearing either a black wide brimmed hat or a pork pie hat (shown below) as an added accessorize piece when I wear the kimono.

Narrow Brimmed Bow Detailed Wool Porkpie Hat
Narrow Brimmed Bow Detailed Wool Porkpie Hat

I love this porkpie style hat. it is a perfect accessory to wear with the black fringed kimono to a summer rock fest.

This is a classic wool porkpie hat. I love it as a Boho wardrobe essential I can wear all year long!

Pair the hat with a black crop top or racer-back tank top, cuffed denim shorts, a black floral fringe kimono and a pair of black oxfords, and you've created the perfect spring Boho weekend party outfit.

The hat is accented with an adorable bow giving the men inspired silhouette a feminine touch.

When worn on the back of your head, it gives you that effortless Parisian Bohemian Chic look!


DIY Selena Gomez Boho Chic Hair Accessories

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DIY: Boho Chic Feather Hair Accessory

Ethnic Kimono Style Jackets

Haute Hippy by Kateyes13 on Polyvore

This is a fine example of how an updated Boho style kimonos and ponchos can be used to create a fabulous modern day Boho Chic look that is so fashion trendy right now.

The Bohemian style has gone up and down in fashion as far back as Mazdakism of the Zoroastrian Movement from Persia around 500 B.C. It is a classic style that keeps coming back.

It just goes to show, never get rid of Bohemian pieces in your wardrobe if they fit because, like the Phoenix, they will always be in style and raise from the ashes with a bang evolving to a new height with each reincarnation.

I am a Bohemian chic with a gypsy soul and dress to the beat of my own drum. Kimono pieces always work for my free spirited, flowing and airy style regardless of the current trend.

Lulumari Chiffon Kimono With Fringe And Multicolor Native American Embroidery by Anna-Kaci

We can't get enough of kimonos this season and this is a totally unique take on this amazing trend.

It features some awesome long fringe around the bottom edge and unique Native American Indian inspired embroidery designs along the top. Throw it over a body con dress or with any Bohemian inspired outfit for an absolutely fabulous fashion statement.

Also available in black with white embroidery.

DIY Fringed Kimono/Poncho Tutorial

Boho Goes Glam ~ Bohemian Style Evening Wear Kimonos

Top your spring tank tops, camis and tee shirts with this beautiful hand crocheted lace kimono style cardigan.It is available in regular and plus sizes in 3 different colors; oatmeal (shown) white and black.

This cardigan is fashionably loose and gracefully oversized perfect for an an effortless free spirited flowing bohemian boho chic ensemble. The edges of the kimono style cardigan are trimmed with beautiful crochet scallop edging, and the kabuki sleeves give plenty of room for movement.

The style of this Bohemian style design is a soft and flowing romantic Boho Chic theme sprinkled with cowgirl glam.

She covers a maxi dress with a chiffon kimono top paired with white cowgirl boots studded with gold, a gold metal belt and accents the look with a gold studded handbag.

Her style of fashion reflects her own romantic, quite, sensibilities in the background with a bit of glam in forefront.

Gypsy Women Vintage Hippie Boho Lace Crochet Kimono Cardigan

This lace kimono is a gorgeous design at a very affordable price, perfect to rock in at any summer concert fest.

It can be worn with anything. Go casual, like in the photo, with a tank top and a pair of cut off jean shorts.

It is a fabulous piece to pack for on a summer cruise or vacation as one piece can be worn many ways.

Wear it as a swimsuit cover up at the pool or at the beach or use it to dress up a maxi dress for an evening affair.

Coco Boutique White Loose Kimono Cardigan with Floral Embroidery and Fringe

Go with a super trendy bohemian look wearing this white-on-white kimono designed by Anna-Kaci for the Coco Boutique.

Inspired by a vintage Roaring 20's elegance of a kimono jacket worn in an exclusive speakeasy by a gangsters moll, it has a gorgeous floral embroidery design and some awesome fringe detailing.

Turn casual into subtle elegance and boring evening wear into stunning with the addition of this fabulous kimono style cardigan over the ensemble.

Bohemian Asian Style Crdigan Jackets

Women's Multicolored Patchwork Embroidered Pure Cotton Kantha Jacket - by Skirts 'N Scarves

I love this jacket and have one very similar to it which I paid a lot more for when I bought mine.

This Chairman Mao style collared patchwork jacket is very affordable especially since I paid $200 for the one I bought 10 years ago.

The only difference that I can see is that mine is hand embroidered velvet patchwork with satin lining and this one is printed cotton fabric patchwork pieces with machine embroidery on the yoke panels and sleeve cuffs. The sleeves and yoke are are adorable trimmed with lace.

This jacket is accented with cute little faux coconut shell buttons.

There are 5 different patchwork color variations possible, but keep in mind that each jacket will vary sightly from the photo because of different fabric pieces, but will be similar to the photo.

I usually like to wear mine with blue jeans or white jeans, but have also worn it with black skirts and pants. It looks amazing regardless of what I wear it with.

Asian Themed Geometric Floral Print Kinono Jacket with Sharkbite Hem

Each one of these jackets are a one-of-a-kind piece inspired by the hunfu style of the the Chinese Ming dynasty (14th and 15th century).

The style is similar to a Japanese kimono, but with a modern twist, the shark bite hem.

The colors in this fabulous Asian design are vibrant against the solid black. I would wear it paired with a black or red solid color maxi dress to present a stunning, casual elegance.

Imagine how beautiful you will look wearing a sleek red dress, red strappy sandals and red accessories with this gorgeous jacket.

Did You Find the Boho Style Kimono You Wanted?

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