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Using bonded hair extensions for special occasions

Updated on September 7, 2011
Bonded hair extensions are especially easy to use, second in usability only to clip in hair extensions. However they look and last far better than clip in extensions. Pre bonded hair extensions are often used by people who use them rarely or only want to use them for a short time and this includes for special occasions. Pre bonded extensions however do last long enough that the special occasion could be something longer than just an evening out.

Great occasions for using pre bonded hair extensions include going for a night out, going to a party, attending family events and other occasions where you want to look fabulous. This includes first dates but also events that may last a bit longer. This includes day long events like weddings and also events that last several days like going to your partners parents for Christmas holidays or going away on a holiday: all times when you will want to look great and impress people, maybe most of all your partner’s parents if it is the first time you are meeting them.

Long term use
Though some hair extension types do last many months pre bonded hair extensions are a good compromise option, which last less time but still will last up to a month or more if done properly and looked after. Unlike other long-term hair extension options like braiding and weaving though they are easier to maintain and won’t lead to headaches or tension alopecia.

Types of pre bonded extensions
There are two main types of pre bonded hair extensions: these are cold and hot fusion; each have advantages and disadvantages. Firstly hot fusion: this is longer lasting and for a special occasion there is very little chance they will fall out. You will though need a heat gun to apply them so they may not be suitable for home use, the heat can also damage your own hair and burn your scalp if you are not careful but it will make the pre bonded hair extensions firmly attach to your own hair making them look real with little sign of them being extensions. As for cold fusion the bond will not be as long lasting but should be good enough for at least a full day. With cold fusion bonded hair extensions you will find less damage occurs to your hair and also they can very easily be applied at home, ideal if you choose to go for an evening out at the last minute.

Using pre bonded hair extensions
Because they attach directly to your roots by your scalp pre bonded hair extensions look great: they sit naturally and blend in well with your hair. Even someone looking directly at your scalp will be unlikely to spot that anything is unusual. Both hot and cold fusion bonded hair extensions are waterproof, though hot bonded more so. Waterproof hair extensions mean not only can you use them for some time while still washing your hair but during your special occasion if it rains you do not need to worry.

Removing pre bonded hair extensions
To remove hair extensions that are pre bonded you can use heat to melt the glue or they will eventually come lose so you can simply pull them out: while being sure not to pull your own hair out with them.

Care and maintenance
Pre bonded hair extensions can be cut and styled along with your own hair. This means that you can cut lengths to match or give yourself a style that you couldn’t manage with your own hair: especially those styles like up dos that need thick hair. For a special occasion including perhaps even your wedding you may want a very special hairstyle and have extensions in order to be able to pull it off and pre bonded extensions are ideal for this.


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