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Fall and Winter shoes for boys

Updated on April 24, 2013

Boots for boys for Fall and Winter

Fall and winter are coming and boys will need their warm shoes again.

Here we can find different shapes, colors, sizes, prices of shoes.

They must look nice, although boys don't matter about fashion as much as girls. They must be warm, so they can walk and run around in rain and snow.

And it is nice if they are not too expensive, because many times boys will need two or three or four pairs of shoes for one season, because they destroy them easily and outgrow them.

Ugg Kids Kids Butte are available at

First baby shoes

Most children begin to stand up and try to walk between 9 and 18 months old. It's time to buy first baby shoes.

It is very important that first shoes are selected correctly. The first years of life are most important for healthy feet.

One of the first mistakes that loving parents make is that they buy shoes for a child who is not walking yet. Although shoes look beautiful, they only impair the foot's development.

If the child starts to crawl, it is the best to do it barefoot.

Cute boots for toddler

John Deere 188 Western Boot (Infant/Toddler)
John Deere 188 Western Boot (Infant/Toddler)

John Deere Kids Boots are made of leather and fabric. They are very soft and comfortable and have manmade sole.

John Deere Boots will protect your toddler from rain and snow and at the same time they look cute too.


An average newborn's foot

is 3,15 inches long.

Why do we even need shoes?

Shoes are protecting child against cold, moisture, bumps and sharp edges.

Opinion, that shoes should support child's arch of the foot which has not been developed yet, is completely wrong.

Orthopedic shoes, which were recommended to children for many years, cause more harm than good.

Most pediatrician agree

that children should walk

barefoot as long as possible.

What should shoe be like?

A good children's shoe must allow a child to easily move his fingers. When Pippi Longstocking said, why she was wearing such a huge shoes, she was not wrong at all.

Another requirement is that foot in the shoe is not in any way cramped or in an unnatural position.

Each foot has 26 bones

and 30 joints.

Sole must be flexible, the thickness is not as important as the child will undoubtedly outgrow shoes before they will be battered.

Of course, the sole must still protect a foot. It is also understood that does not slip, which is achieved with a suitable material (rubber) and a relief.

Sesame Street boots

Sesame Street Toddler Rain Boots Featuring Elmo Cookie Monster & Oscar "The Grouch" Faces Size 10
Sesame Street Toddler Rain Boots Featuring Elmo Cookie Monster & Oscar "The Grouch" Faces Size 10

In Sesame Street Toddler Rain Boots are red and blue boots, made of waterproof rubber. It's officially licensed Sesame Street boot with images of Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Oscar "The Grouch".

Boys are going to love this boots.


An average healthy child

takes 15 thousand steps

every day.

The upper part of the shoe should be soft, airy and comfortable. The front part should be flexible and the last part should give support to the foot.

Children's shoes should have laces, 'hedgehogs' or a similar system to tie. Shoes should be made of materials that let children's feet breathe.

Hiking boots

Step & Stride Toddler/Little Kid Dino EZ Hiking Boot,Brown Green,5.5 M US Toddler
Step & Stride Toddler/Little Kid Dino EZ Hiking Boot,Brown Green,5.5 M US Toddler

Brown Step & Stride Dino EZ Hiking Boots have embroidered dinosaur on the side of the boots. They are made of suede and fabric and sole is made of rubber. They are sturdy and soft inside.


Shoe size

Shoe size conversion for boys

A good children's shoe

must allow a child

to easily move their fingers.

Three percent of children who walked mostly barefoot and

thirteen percent of children who walked mostly in shoes have flat feet.

Every shoe child is wearing is helping to shape child's foot. The key word for normal development is freedom.

With correct choice of children's shoes we can make sure that deformations will be kept to a minimum.

It is also good if we buy to our child several different models (of course, all good quality) and change them frequently.

UGG boots

UGG Australia Children's Butte,Worchester,US 13 M
UGG Australia Children's Butte,Worchester,US 13 M

In UGG Australia Children's Butte Fleece Lined Boots your kids feet will stay dry during the winter.

They are made of sheepskin and soles are rubber.

UGG boots are available in black and brown color.


Children should never

wear shoes that are

too small.

In practice, girls' feet are more vulnerable because their parents take more care about matching the look of shoes and dresses. For boys freedom of feet is more important.

So it is not a surprise that adult females usually have more problems with their feet as an adult males.

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