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Brazilian Havaianas Flip Flops

Updated on July 25, 2014

Havaianas Flip Flops

The Haivanas Flip Flops is one of Brazil greatest exports and a world-famous brand. Worn by celebrities, athletes and almost everybody else around this rubber and plastic sandals are so durable, comfy and fashionable that it is impossible to own just a pair. I myself own 7 in a variety of different colors and styles and I cannot live without my Havaianas flip flops. Actually, since I live in California I must say that it is a pleasure to be able to wear one of them every Friday for work, and on the weekends they simply become part of me. In reality Havaianas is a part of every brazilian life and culture, and me as a proud Brazilian thought it would be a good idea to create this page and showcase the world how we Brazilians perceive the brand. A brand that has grown so much in Brazil and has emerged from a low income popular identity in Brazil to one of the most hip and cool accessories in the world. Yes, over my lifetime the brand has revamped its image in order to gain market share and what a success! Hope you enjoy the read as I certainly enjoyed expressing my views of one of Brazil's most desired commodities. Feel free to grab a pair or two. They are worth it and once you put them on you will not regret it.

The Havainas Flip flop Brand

Everybody that grew up in Brazil has owned an Havaiana flip flop no matter if you are rich or poor. The brand is one of the first companies in Brazil to manufacture a product for the masses and a product that anyone could afford including Brazil's strong work force. In the 80's the Havainas Flip Flops was not a very trendy or fashionable accessory, the were simply a cheap, durable and comfortable flip flop that came only in 4 color combinations and most importantly, had replaceable straps. Replaceable straps? Why is that so important? Well for the poor people, that was extremely important because if the strap worn off and ripped you could easily purchase a new one and use the sole for few more years... And given the fact that Havainas was the most popular shoe worn by Brazil's work force in the 80's the straps at the time really suffered a great amount of pressure and abuse and exchanging them was a very common event for any construction worker or laborer wearing the famous Havaianas. So it is very fair to say that Havaianas in the 80 was a popular symbol of simplicity, necessity that showcased a worker's economic and social status. A Frugal commodity of the poor with no flare nor bling only a legacy of quality, overall a very different Havaianas brand than we see marketed in the world today.

The HAVAIANAS flip flop brand today


In the 80's and the 90's the Havaianas flip flop brand market share consisted of low income people in Brazil and few other countries in South America. But after the turn of the century the company modernized its brand, customized the look of their flip flop sandals and not only became a success among the elite buyers and middle class in South America, but also took over the world as one of the most popular and cool flip flop brands. Different styles were released, different colors are now on display and the addition of graphics to their designs has become a total hit. In addition to the customizable factory features you can add to your Havaianas Flip Flops once purchased I also find that people are also adorning their sandals with charms, bowls and crystals. Luckly Today the Havainas stores are now available in every trendy mall in Brazil when few years ago havaianas were sold only in convenience stores, drugstores and marketplaces. They are also a brand carried by many world renowned retailers such as Macy's, Nordstrom and DSW shoes so it is now easy to find a pair no matter were you are. As a Brazilian living in California I can only be proud every time I see a Havaiana flip flop displayed on a fancy vitrine. And I always make sure to complement when I see someone wearing a pair. It just makes me proud!

All about Havaianas

Watch this video if you want to feel the essence of what the Havaianas flip flop is all about.

Havaianas 2014 World Cup Limited Designs

For the World Cup 2014 the Havaianas Flip flop Brand created a collection of Flip flop inspired by the countries that participated in the FiFA World Cup 2014. the designs are available for a limited time only so if you are Patriotic and would love a Havaianas flip flop with your country flag be sure to grab yours while they last.

Jelly Bean HAVAIANAS. So yummy!

Do you own a pair of Havaianas or more?

Do you own a pair of Havaianas or more?

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    • esmonaco profile image

      Eugene Samuel Monaco 3 years ago from Lakewood New York

      Wow! I've never seen so many choices for flip flops! Very nice :)

    • asereht1970 profile image

      asereht1970 3 years ago

      Havaianas are so comfortable. Just love using them.