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Male Brazilian wax, The Best Hair Removal Service for Men in New York

Updated on July 9, 2012

This is the 21st century and the city of New York has everything to fulfill your desires. Trends are always changing and today not only women, men are also getting interested to remove hair from their body. Whether you want to remove pubic hair or hair from chest, back or legs, the best option can be Brazilian wax. Yes, I am talking about male Brazilian wax.

You might have heard it as something that is popular among women, but when it comes to hair removal, Brazilian wax can do the same magic for men too. Wrestlers and models remove hair from their body to show their muscle complexions perfectly. Women find them very much hot and attractive, so why don’t you give it a shot.

Male Brazilian wax New York City

Male Brazilian wax is gaining popularity in New York City for many reasons. First of all it is a safe and long lasting hair removal method. You can do it for full body or only for a certain area. Brazilian wax for men removes hair from the root. It slows the re-growth process and makes the skin soft and smooth. Most spas and salons offer Brazilian waxing for both men and women. So, you can go to a spa together with your wife or girlfriend.

Male Brazilian wax procedure

To put it simply, a thin layer of wax is applied in the area over the hair and a strip of cloth is put firmly over the wax. When the wax hardens, the cloth is pulled quickly to remove hair up from the roots. The process can be repeated a few times to remove all the hair. The complete process includes some other activities like preparing the area for waxing and of course after care. Male body hair is more coarse and thick than women hair and might take more time to remove completely. For sensitive skin, some spas offer thick waxing process.

Find A Professional For Brazilian waxing

Do not try it yourself; take advantage of the best hair removal services New York offers you.

There are a lot of Do-It-Yourself kits available but to do Brazilian wax perfectly with less pain and more safety of your skin, you should find a professional. Many spas in New York City offer Brazilian wax for men at convenient price and have experienced professionals to do the job perfectly. He/she will know what after care service is required for your skin and will do it with as less pain for you as possible.

Things you should know about Brazilian wax for men

No matter how well it is done, you will always feel some pain. And when getting waxing on intimate parts of your body, you will have to strip off of your clothes completely. So, you better be prepared for this. Usually women do the waxing for men. A good idea would be to ask for the person’s name that gave you the waxing service so you can book your next waxing with the same person. As the whole process is centered around the pubic area, many men get an erection when going through the Brazilian wax process. It is quite natural and there is nothing to be ashamed of. The therapists are used to that and won't think anything bad of you at all.

After waxing, take good care of your skin. Keep your skin cool, dry and clean. Shower or bath is ok but stay away from public pools.

Brazilian waxing is a smooth and long lasting hair removal procedure. It is a far better option than shaving or using hair removal creams. There are a few spas in New York that provide top class male Brazilian wax. Find one and find out yourself why men are getting fond of it.

Location of my favorite spa for male Brazilian wax

A markerDyanna spa -
40 E 21st St, New York, NY 10010, USA
get directions

One of the best Spa services for men and women in New York

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