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Hairstylists’ Top 10 Reviews To Bridal Jewelry

Updated on August 15, 2013

Hair ornaments or Veil? How do you make up your mind?

If there were two people who could just not get enough of hair jewelry - it would be the bride and the hair stylist. It totally depends on what you decide as the bride - the veil or the tiara? Or would you like to borrow a leave from Kate Middleton's wedding diary.

Think about the various looks a hairstylist could spring with also bridal hair jewelry to consider apart from the veil. Not only does a bride feel intoxicated with the thought but also do the bride's party and every other woman. When it comes to the bride making a decision over a veil and a hair jewel, it is most of the times indecisive. Yet the hair stylists are biased towards to any hair jewels they can see.

Every bride goes through various hairstyles to choose her best for the wedding day. Try number of them with different hair jewelry and scram over the Internet to find more and more wedding hair jewelry for the look you want. The more the choice, the more options you have to look your best on the best day of your life.

How to Wear Bridal Head Jewelry?

Here are a few hair jewelry pieces named and spoken about to give you a vivid idea of what can be worn how. We do think you would be able to get a clear idea of what you want once you have read this.

side clip
side clip

1. Stunning Side Clip

Match cluster side clip with hair color!

Remember the cluster side clip used by Gwen Stephanie with her white and rose-colored gown? With her messy short hair, the sparking side cluster clip looked absolutely beautiful. You can pull your hair either completely to one side or put the clip on one side with a side parting.

hair accessory
hair accessory

2. Fascinators for Petit Women

Bridal fascinator gives you retro feel.

With a small hat fascinator, you can give yourself the very European or Southern look. This is recommended for petite women or those short. A full veil might make you look shorter but a fascinator might add some height to you.

3. The Tiara

Sparkling tiara for every bride

The tiara to most women does not appeal as they avoid looking immature unless the tiara really goes with the wedding dress.


4. Twilight's Hair Jewelry

Crystal barrette and wedding hair jewelry

The trailers from Twilight have just appeared and that is one item you catch a glimpse of. This trailer itself will send women in to a frenzy to sport a barrette now. While it is a Victorian era favorite, the crystal barrette is not most preferred. Yet if you would love to use it, with half the hair pulled up behind the head, this item looks its best.

5. Go for Diamonds!

Diamond strings like waterfall

If your hair stylist is ready to loan you some, get after it and do not hide your head under a veil. Instead you can wear a net fascinator over your eyes or face. You can also wear them in your plait but we presume not a lot of women like to tie up their hair in anything other than a bun. Elegantly done rope braids can look beautiful and classy with thousands of stars shining bright in it.

6. Classic Pearl Pins

Hairpins, combs, and headband

They can be easily pushed in to a mass of curls and they will instantly perk up the look. They look the best when used at the back of the head. A couple of pearl combs or hairpins and a veil can again make a classic look without pushing it over the top. Most brides prefer a simple look on their weddings and to provide you with the best looks, these few hair jewelry pieces should do the trick


7. Modern Tiara

Becoming princess of Monaco!

Remember the pictures where Hepburn sports a similar look to Kate Middleton? The classic inspiration came to Kate Middleton from the same pictures many Hepburn fans have seen a million times. Becoming the royalty of Monaco, called for classic elegance and hence, she adorned a beautiful tiara with the veil falling over her hair backwards. Kate replicated the style but in the modern century.

8. Super Fashion Hairs!

Wear bird hair jewelry!

Alongside, Miranda Hobbes too worn a charming looking diamond clustered clip on her wild colored hair. Catherine Zeta Jones and Gwen Stephanie both showed their liking for bridal hair jewelry during their wedding by wearing a tiara as well as a side clip respectively. Victoria Beckham who is the fashion dictator also showed her approval of a diamond cluster for her hair with the veil held back flowing.

9. Less is More

Combination of veil and jewels

Evanka Trump did not wear either to her wedding but inside settled for a simple side parted hairstyle. Jennifer Aniston went out and out for the veil alone and with her perfect face and locks, the look turned out to be the best. The same had also been opted by Nicole Kidman as well as Eva Longoria.


10. How to be looking like millionaire?

Combine them!

We would recommend you use both hair jewelry and veil, as they look best together. Choose a simple tiara and pull a veil over it. Try a huge bun and attach the veil behind it with a cluster barrette. You can also back comb the rest of hair and throw a veil over it once, you have placed a pearl head band on the front of your head.

A simple combination of both thought by you or with your hair stylist for your D day can make you look just Kate Middleton or Hepburn about to become royalty.

Bezoek onze haar sieraden of oorbellen winkel

What do you think about this lens? Leave us a comment! - Ask Questions about Bridal Jewelry!

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