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Under the Veil - A Poetic Look Through the Wedding Veil

Updated on February 21, 2014

Under the Veil - A Poetic Look Through the Wedding Veil

This lens is full of poems that focus on the importance of the bridal veil that many brides wear during the Wedding Ceremony.

As was the custom, the bride approached the altar with her face covered by a veil. Only after the vows were exchanged and the ring placed on her finger, was the veil lifted and a kiss allowed.

The type of veil worn by a modern bride runs the gamut from a floor length to shoulder length; from lacy Spanish mantilla to none at all. I have suggested a few lovely veils below.

All poetry copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) Reprint with permission

Beautiful Wedding Veils


Explore my wedding veil poems & selections. I hope you find just the right veil for your wedding

Under the Veil

Under the veil with face demure

The girl blushed yet she was sure

That this was the magic day when she

Would be wedded to Him, for all to see

They met on a plane a year before

Talked throughout and weren't bored

So many interests they shared

And even if not, they each cared

So there He stood beneath the arbor

She focused on Him, her safe harbor

The maids and groomsmen before her

Quartet strings sang, soothing, tender

Right foot first, then left, then right

Steadied by her proud father; tight

She felt two hundred eyes upon her

Yet, except for Him, it all was a blur

The altar had seemed quite a mile

But what?.. There was no more aisle

Time to look at Him, repeat their words

Accept his ring, let fly the birds

For family union, light their candles

Next week, on the beach in sandals

White Veils are Traditional

White veils are traditional in the West

They signal the purity of the bride

Choose one that answers your personal quest

And your personal taste and custom abide

Miles and Miles of Lace

Miles and miles of lace

To cover up my face

And for the lengthy train

God help me if it stains

I hope that I don't trip

On wet grass I don't slip

I hope the vows are heard

And don't sound too absurd

I want to fling the lace

Away from my bridal face

I want to bare my lips

Like in the movie scripts

I want to have that kiss

And be Mrs 'stead of Miss

Oh My Daughter with Such Bright Eyes

Oh my daughter with such bright eyes

The ivory highlights your golden skin

We're off to your wedding at sunrise

Here's your veil, dear, let's not be rushin'

Short Hair, Caged Veil

Keep hair short, demure; a cage veil with tulle

Like Audrey Hepburn looking French

The right gal will earn cinq etoiles

Exactly opposite of a country wench

White Petals

Wedding Version

White petals, white petals from the crab apple tree

Will you make a tender snow in May just for me

Would you make me an aisle, for my wedding day

And shade the elders from sun's burning rays

Thank You for Making Your Avail

To Learn About the Wedding Veil


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