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Brown Sugar Scrub

Updated on May 29, 2015

What is brown sugar?

Brown sugar is primarily either an unrefined or partially refined sugar. The color comes due to the presence of molasses. Sugar is slightly brown when it is formed from sugar canes. These are bleached to remove the molasses to make the sugar white.

Many believe that brown sugar is a healthier option than white sugar. But coming from sugar canes, they both are mainly sucrose in nature and that is why all healthy diets advice you to avoid any sugar intake. The fact is that there is a very marginal difference in the two. The molasses in the brown sugar contains potassium, calcium, iron etc - but they are in such small amounts that they do not add any value to our daily needs. In addition 1 tsp (4.6 gm) of brown sugar has about 17 calories whereas 1 tsp of white sugar has 16 calories. So nutritionally speaking, sugar is a 'more harm than good' product.

Brown Sugar as a scrub!

Now all the diets in the world will ask you to stay away from sugar - in any form. But instead of packing those sugars in batches of cupcakes or cans of sodas, we could steer its direction into using brown sugar as a body scrub. Brown sugar as a scrub is known to have many benefits (without giving you the extra calories!) *wink wink*

So if you have been to a spa you would know that body scrubs made from brown sugar are beneficial, soothing and relaxing!

Benefits of brown sugar as a scrub

The mark of a healthy skin is seen in its glow. Skin that is frequently massaged and exfoliated is a happier skin. Regularly removing dead skin and dirt from pores gives us a smoother and glowing skin, improved blood circulation and younger look.

The benefits of a brown sugar scrub:

  1. Cleans the pores: Our pores are subject to constant shaving, waxing and catching of dirt. The size of brown sugar particles is not too big to irritate the skin - nor is it too small to dissolve. It is just correct for exfoliating the skin. The scrubbing motion helps clean the pores that become prominent after years of abuse.
  2. Removes dead skin: This is a very important function of brown sugar scrub. No size of loofahs or moisturizers can work their way through this one. The sugar particles are hard enough to completely remove dead skin, leaving the skin supple and moist.
  3. Relaxes the muscles: The gentle exfoliation done in circular motions improves blood flow in the limbs. This relaxes all the sore and tight muscles of the body. Ask someone to massage your shoulders and neck with this scrub after a long hard day - and you will be in paradise!
  4. Contains glycolic acid: Brown sugar contains glycolic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid that is a need for a healthy looking skin. This acid basically fights bacteria and this ingredient is usually found in expensive spa products that come in the market. This element, found naturally in sugar, protects the skin from toxins.
  5. Prevents eruptions: Massaging with a brown sugar and oil scrub works on body acne by improving circulation. It also prevents any further eruptions or acne to appear.
  6. Works on In-growth hair: A combination of the sugar particles and the circular motion of the massage helps remove and prevent in-growth hair by removing the dead skin cells on top.
  7. Natural moisturizer: Brown sugar is a natural moisturizer. It helps skin regain its natural balance. Since it contains small amounts of potassium, iron, calcium etc. it is beneficial for the skin.
  8. Aroma: The cherry on the cake is that it smells wonderful! The combination of brown sugar with oils and other extracts creates a magical aroma that relaxes the mind as well.

Get your spa at home

With expensive scrubs available in the market and even more expensive spas, we usually cannot afford them on a regular basis. Especially when most of the scrubs on the shelves have elements of chemicals we cannot understand. The best way is to get your spa at home! Nothing is better than treating your skin to 100% natural elements.

The aroma of brown sugar mixed with oils is heavenly and very relaxing. You wouldn't even need scented candles. Just some soothing music accompanies best! If you have help with the scrubbing then good for you - but even without it - you can completely enjoy the 'self spa treatment'. You can begin the exfoliating at the feet and work the circular massage motion upwards. You will notice how the particles of brown sugar are working on the dead skin and in growth hair. The oils will ease the massage motion and give your skin a chance to breathe.

Once you have completed massaging your body wash off with lukewarm water. It sugar and oils work so well that you wont feel the need to use body washes. Your skin will be smooth, soft and supple. If you feel that your skin is too oily, allow it sometime to absorb all the oils.

This massage done on a regular basis is bound to give you younger looking and softer skin.

Brown Sugar Scrub combinations

Brown sugar in itself is a very good exfoliater - but when combined with a few other elements its benefits increase exponentially. There are various combinations you can go ahead with.

  • Brown Sugar and Oil Scrub: This is the basic combination of sugar and oil. You can use any kind of oil that you please. I find Olive oil goes very well. Other than this, almond oil, coconut oil and Vitamin-E oil are best suited. This combination gives the smoothest, most natural looking skin that no shelf product can.
  • Brown Sugar-Oil-Honey Scrub: Along with the above combination try mixing a little honey. Honey tightens the skin, closing the pores and leaving the skin soft.
  • Brown Sugar-Oil-Vanilla: Add a few drops of vanilla to the above mentioned mix. The aroma will drive you crazy!
  • Brown Sugar-Oil-Aloe Vera Extract: Aloe Vera is said to work very well on acne, aging skin and wrinkles. It is a natural moisturizer which makes this scrub mix work wonders!
  • Brown Sugar-Oil-Lemon juice: Lemon juice can make your skin tingle slightly but it is the best cure for blackheads on the skin.

You can make your own Brown Sugar-Oil Scrub anytime and add whatever element you please. You could experiment with other natural elements and come up with something even better! Enjoy your 'home-made' spa and give yourself the pampering you deserve!

Brown Sugar - Olive Oil Scrub
Brown Sugar - Olive Oil Scrub


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