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Brunette Hair

Updated on July 4, 2012

Brunette Hair

Brunette comes in many shades. Some are ashy, others rich and chocolaty, and others streaked with fiery tones. No matter what the shade, brunette is a spectrum that cannot be beat. This lens is dedicated to inspiring brunettes or those who dream to become a bombshell brunette. You will find the hottest colors of the season (which is updated each season), hairstyles, and tips to inspire you to be the most ravishing brunette of your region.

Be inspired. Every Week, there will be a new source of inspiration for you, so please return next week!

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The Coolest Cuts for Brunettes - Natalie Portman

This Golden Brown shade looks beautiful on women with warm skin tones. There is more to being a sultry brunette than the color of your hue, though. This winter and into next spring, you will find that face framing layers and statement bangs will bring your brown hair to life. Any time that you add layers or eye-skimming bangs to your current look, it will magnify your beauty and enhance your hair color (so make sure it looks good!).

For Layering:

Layers create depth, but make sure that you get layers that work with the natural flow of your coif. Here are some tips for getting layers into your brown locks.

If you wave on the curly side, ask for long, graduated layers to avoid frizz and give your curls natural body.

For super fine hair, have layers begin around the ear to give added volume to the crown of your hair.

For straight or wavy hair then you should ask to have layers add to the underside of your hair to give it that shabby chic feel.


Bangs transform a hairstyle. Be prepared to style them every day and be bugged by them on the days that you do not want to style. Either way, fringe is sexy, so dive into the shorter side.

A round faced woman should get long, feathery bangs to fake a longer face and minimize the width of your cheeks.

A long faced woman looks sexy with blunt, brow-level bangs.

If your face is square, check out long, side-swept bangs that taper into layers near your jaw. This style will help soften the angles of your face.

Snip tip: Make sure your stylist sees your locks when they're dry first, since hair is longer when it's wet. You don't want the stylist to screw up and snip off too much.

Brunettes Rock the Numbers

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Rich Brown Hair with Highlights

Brown hair with golden highlights gives you the "my summers are spent on a beach" look without making you look cheap. Do not let your stylist get over-excited. Ask her/him to put the highlights in so that they are natural looking. The contrast will make you stand out and look beautiful.

Learn How to Dye Your Hair Brown at Home!

Some of us (me!) cannot afford to go to the stylist/colorist for a rich hair color. This leaves us hunting the shelves of the local store for a boxed hue that will provide a beautiful color without the huge pricetag.

This video will teach you how to color your hair at home...without screwing up!

Brown Hair with Red Undertones

Emma Stone knows how to play up that reddish tint by pairing it with a dark brown hue. The beauty of going to a reddish brown hair color is that in some lights you are a redhead and in others you look brunette. Very chameleonesque.

This makes for mystery.

Best Hairstyle for Long Haired Brunettes

Keep your locks looking ravishing by using these tips. Brown hair needs to be styled certain ways to bring out the shine and amp up the excitement...don't be boring.

The Best Hairstyle for Long Brown Hair:

Blow dry your hair with a large round brush until it is dry. Get it looking silky and soft. Using large, hot rollers, roll up the sides and back of your hair. Take out after three minutes. You don't want to look like a beauty queen...aim for natural. Spray with shine spray and pull your bangs across your forehead for that deep side part and secure.

Make Up Tips for Brunettes - Cameron Diaz

On Lipstick: Rich colors such as terracotta, cinnamon, and spicy red look better on those with dark hair as opposed to light colors.

On Cheeks: .A good option for brunettes is to use a little gel or powder bronzer on the cheek area.Bronzer tends to look more natural and adds a subtle highlight to the cheekbones, lending a beautiful contour to your face.Be careful not to apply too much in order to avoid creating an unflattering sheen.

On Eyes: Another excellent makeup option for brunettes is to create dramatic eyes while leaving the rest of the face fairly natural.Brunettes with blue eyes should remember to use warm, rich eye shadows if you want a more natural look.Brunettes with brown eyes can try a more daring look by choosing colors that are blue or even a pale lilac.These light colors will make brown eyes stand out and appear even richer.If your skin tone is light, stick with dark brown mascara in order to avoid a harsh severe look.Those with dark skin tones and dark eyes should use black or dark blue mascara in order to keep eyelashes prominent.

Sleek and Simple Brunette - Megan Fox

Hot Cocoa Hair for Cool Skin Tones

If you are a cool lady looking to change it up, then you may want to give this cocoa hair color a sip. This muted brown is very trendy with celebrities this season because it highlights your complexion and eyes, while having a life of its own.

Blunt and Bold Brunette

Brunettes and Highlights Done Right - Ashley Greene

Curly Brown Hair and Eye Popping Make Up

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