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Bullet Proof Vests For Sale

Updated on September 9, 2014

Buy a cheap bulletproof vest!

Looking for bulletproof vests? You've found the right place! Search through a variety of bulletproof vests such as tactical or swat vests! Get the protection you need with these cheap vests on sale! Feel free to leave a comment on which one you are thinking of buying for others to benefit.

Light Weight Bullet Proof Vests

When you want to purchase a bullet proof vest, your number one concern should be the weight of it. If you are a bulky man or woman, then it will be okay if it weighs a lot but if you are skinny beware of how much they can weigh you down! Check out this light weight vest for starters.

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Large Bullet Proof Vests

If you are looking for the size large try looking through some of these choices.

Leather Bullet Proof Vests

When considering buying a vest, keep in mind that leather is very durable in many situations and that it looks hip too! As you can see it can give you a name for yourself if you want to show it off, or it smoothly fits behind jackets for when needed.

Tactical Vests

Tactical vests are very functional for many different situations. Not only are they light weight and cool, but they also have many straps, pockets, and compartments to store water bottles, knives, or any other small thing you may need to carry.

Swat Vests

I have chosen the best priced swat vests below for your ease of looking.

Cheap Bulletproof Vests

When browsing around looking for bullet proof vests, there is always that one main concern: PRICE! Sort in order the prices on ebay quickly.

Bulletproof Vest Videos

Here are some youtube videos that show people getting test shot at wearing vests.

Which bullet proof vest do you own or are thinking of buying? - Share with the community

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