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Burt's Bees' ~ 30 Years Strong!

Updated on December 30, 2015

"We won't put anything on your skin, that we wouldn't put on ours!"... is their motto.

Made from all natural ingredients and nothing more! Burt's Bees was created in 1984 and with it's first product of handmade Bee candles they have branched out to what is now one of Americas household name brands. Even if you have never tried their product I would venture to say you've seen, in one form or another, their product(s) in the beauty section of your favorite market or large chain such as WalMart or Target.

I really like Burt's Bees products. They offer product which are soothing, high quality and affordable. Their product line is very extensive they cover you from head to toe... Even offering natures remedy for a sore throat...

They are very Eco-friendly and leave as little footprints as possible on our environment. That is why they operate a policy of sending zero waste to landfills. They have over 350 employees in three facilities and have structured within their company a way so that not a single piece of garbage goes to the dump. Really... not a single piece goes to waste, not one. You're asking yourself, "Right... how is that possible?" Well this is what they do. Every employee gladly volunteers on a monthly basis to go into the facility and tirelessly checks over 400 composting and recycling containers to ensure every composting and/or material is properly sorted. Anything found leftover, such as items that cannot be recycled or broken down by composting are then transformed into biomass-based fuel or electricity. You have found a great well-rounded product here with "Burt's Bees". In choosing any of their product lines you'll never go wrong and I feel you'll be pleased with any item you decide on.

I respect and admire Burt's Bees vision and how they take great care to preserve our planet's needs. Their company is consciously aware to make a clear point NOT to leave a footprint on Earth's eco-system. They allow Earth to regenerate naturally so it can continue to thrive as it was created to do so. So why then can't we do the same? That is a Big question. It can seem overwhelming to think one person can make a difference. It is easier to sit back and think someone else will do it. As consumers we see all kinds of waste, trash, litter and garbage which is damaging our planet daily. We see it sit, lie or blow in streets, parks and even rivers. Things that could have easily been recycled or turned into compost. But for whatever reason never found its way to the right container to be useful somewhere else. But Earth is crying and crying out in so many ways. Earth's environmental changes in temperatures, earthquakes, floods and more are clearly shouting at us to do something about it. In these dramatic ways I would hope others to recognize these cries. To take a small part and make changes to help preserve Earth. Change is needed to help our Earth become healthy again. Doesn't it make sense that if we are supposed to take care of our own health, then why do we, as individuals, continue to neglect the planet we live on?

In my closing thought; we can all do something to have our planet become healthier as like Burt's Bees has. One simple way is to start in your own neighborhood. Over the next few day think of ways to beautify your street. If you live in a neighborhood where neighbors know each other why not set-up a day with your neighbors where you all go on a nature walk and along the way pick up trash? Or on your next picnic take an extra minute or two when cleaning up to go beyond your picnic area and grab what others have left behind and dispose of it in the parks provided containers. Perhaps make a game of it with your children (with your supervision & Instructions) that whoever picks up the most in a carried container get a prize, reward, or a little more in their allowance. We can all pitch in one way or another and pretty soon we'll see less litter all together.


It is okay not to be


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Loving yourself is also loving your environment. Thank you for stopping by!

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