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For Want Of Men's Panties

Updated on October 21, 2009
Panties from Panties For Men
Panties from Panties For Men

I find it very interesting that although men have been wearing women's clothing since time immemorial, and although I have read reader accounts stretching back to the 1950's which tell of men wearing women's panties, still major retail stores and major lingerie brands don't sell panties for men. Why is that? Are lingerie retailers trying to keep men down? Hold them back from fashion equality?

Or is there some other force at work here?

On the surface it seems as if staid and boring lingerie retailers are just too silly to realize the massive market under their very noses, but personally I give them more credit than that. It's not so much that they don't know that men are wearing their products, it is more that it actually doesn't matter.

Why is this?

Well, I think there are several reasons. One, I think it is possible that the demographic is not large enough for the manufacturers to bother trying to campaign directly to it. There are many independent designers of lingerie for men, Panties for Men being one of them, and although they do most excellent work, they have yet to ostensibly experience the same kind of success as Berlei, Wacoal, Olga, Triumph, or any of the major lingerie brands.

Two, I think that lingerie retailers and manufacturers have figured out that men who like women's panties are quite happy to buy women's panties and don't want 'men's panties' on sale at all. Where's the fun in wearing women's panties if they're being sold as men's panties anyway?

Three, I think that they've made some concessions in their lingerie for men lines by starting to offer silk and satin boxers for men, lingerie which feels good, but which none the less can be considered quite masculine. This satiates the desires of men who just want lingerie that feels good, and doesn't effect the panty buyers who were always going to buy women's panties anyway.

In other words, long story short, I think it is the desires of the men who wear lingerie that actually prevents lingerie manufacturers from making lines of panties for men. If men quite happily by the women's lines, and indeed, prefer to do so, then what incentive is there for a lingerie brand to put out a line of panties just for men?

So instead of feeling marginalized that panties for men aren't a huge phenomenon yet, (and honestly, I think given the purchasing patterns of men who wear women's lingerie, probably never will be,) just make peace with the fact that this is not some giant corporate attempt at mind control and marginalizing men, instead it is a simple result of the global powers of supply and demand.The demand for men's panties is simply too limited to appeal to a global chain.


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    • TIMWILLIAMS profile image

      TIMWILLIAMS 8 years ago

      I myself prefer womens panties over the so called mens panties my self. I wear panties all the time, but all the panties I wear are women's, not mens. I get the panties in ladies lingerie departments in the stores like Sears and Wal-Mart and J C Penney.

    • profile image

      jim 8 years ago

      thats all part of the intrique in wearing panties though, going into the women's lingerie section, getting looks from the women there, etc. etc.

    • profile image

      threesweds 8 years ago

      I too have to agree with the previous comments, that only womans's panties are for me. Just the thought that I may be wearing the same panties as my female coworkers is exciting. Shopping in the woman's lingerie department, selecting just the right panty from the assortment of fabrics, colors, patterns, and styles is quite a rush.

    • profile image

      silklover 8 years ago

      I have often wondered what it would be like to see a clerks face when you say these panties are for me. I also wouldn't purchase panties made for men. I am a 100% nylon or silk man. When I view comments on panties, most are made by men. It is great to have someone like Hope to support men whom wear women panties.

    • profile image

      mike 8 years ago

      i have been wearing ladies underwear for a few years now i wear cotton find them better fit then mens and therefore more comfertable

    • profile image

      scantilyclad 8 years ago

      Why label them MENS undies or WOMENS panties, bet if you put them together in the store on the same racks and you have a man that likes the feel, fit and look of panties and it isn't so obvious that he is in the womens lingerie area looking for panties then alot more men would try panties, and as we all know once you try them you won't give them up!! I agree with the other comments i don't want panties made for men i love my panties just the way they are

    • one2get2no profile image

      Philip Cooper 8 years ago from Olney

      I agree lets stick with the quality.

    • profile image

      iloveps 8 years ago

      while i understand that for a lot of men out there the fact that they are made for women is part of the appeal. But for me it is strictly comfort and style. If they made the same panties for men that they do for women just cut a little different AND AT THE SAME PRICE! I would completley wear them. but seeing as most of the panties made for men now are made of silk (live in texas can't do it) and cost about $25 a pair i stick with womens which come in a larger variety, have better quality, and at a fraction of the cost of "men's panties."

      I think its all about qulality

    • profile image

      Jii0000 8 years ago

      Good points made there again. I also agree with others. I like wearing women's panties because they're cute/sexy and they caress my skin far superior over typical men's underwear. BUT I also love wearing women's panties because they're meant for women. I actually couldn't care at all wearing men's panties, no matter what they would be like.

    • David H profile image

      David H 8 years ago from England

      I agree.

      Cotton on women's underwear is actually softer.

      On men's, it is thick and heavy.

      I used to have a job in a stockholding warehouse for Marks & Spencer (the biggest lingerie retailer in the UK). I would estimate that I picked stock from the women's departments at least 90% of the time. This make it obvious that men are buying women's lingerie more often then people realise.

    • Pantywearer profile image

      Pantywearer 8 years ago from Florida

      Hi Hope! Great article as usual. This is my first time commenting on your wonderful articles. I love the topic. I agree totally with all the girls that commented. I also agree with your second reasoning that men want to know that they're wearing lingerie that was meant for women. I want to experience the wearing, the feeling, the knowledge that I'm wearing panties & bras that were made "for" women.

      There is a website (I can't think of what it is @ this moment) that caters to men for lingerie that are designed & manufactured for men. I've looked at the catalogue/website, I'm totally not interested in underwear that is made for men.

      I whole heartedly agree with Starfiend & kfsteve391. Even though I have male genitals, I want to feel what a woman would feel when she's wearing the same panties, bra, camisole, or etc. I can't imagine what a bra that is designed for a man would look like...I also wouldn't buy that bra either. I love the material that is used to make the lingerie ranging from cotton to satin. The cotton makeup for women's lingerie is NOT the same makeup as it is for men's briefs. Women's cotton material is much softer. I haven't worn any men's underwear since more than 15 years ago (& don't own any either).

    • profile image

      kfsteve391 8 years ago

      I do not want underwear made for men. I like the sexiest and most feminine thongs and panties I can find, which are women's. Men's underwear is boring and completely non sexy. Women's are frilly and sexy and fun to wear.

    • profile image

      Dani 8 years ago

      After seeing Panties for Men on your hub I did purchase a few items but like the previous two posts, I much prefer real womens panties.

    • profile image

      starfiend 8 years ago

      Totally agree with ectomorphguy. I'll only buy women's underwear, made for women. Not stuff made for men. As far as I'm concerned, it is only of interest to /me/ if a woman might have bought it for herself, if I hadn't.

    • profile image

      ectomorphguy 8 years ago

      I am indeed one of those guys out there in the world who can buy satin or silk "men's" boxer shorts, but instead, I will but women;s underwear...because I want to KNOW that I'm wearing women's underwear.

    • Georgiakevin profile image

      Georgiakevin 8 years ago from Central Georgia

      What an interesting hub.You always write well but you have thought provoking hubs on this subject!