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Buy a Samsonite Luggage Set Online

Updated on October 22, 2014

Reviews of Some of the Most Popular Samsonite Luggage Sets Online

I like to show in this page some of the most popular Samsonite luggage sets nowadays. Of course some of these sets are popular because they can be found at a discount price at the time of making this page. So don't expect that these sets will be popular forever.

Samsonite luggage set - 5 piece nested with two wheeled luggages.
Samsonite luggage set - 5 piece nested with two wheeled luggages.

5 Piece Nested Set

This five-piece luggage set is one of the best selling sets in sites like Amazon at the moment of writing this hub. Be aware that this set doesn't have the quality you are accustom to expect of a Sansonite suitcase, However, if we consider that a regular Sansonite luggage costs two times more than this set. I mean, only one bag costs two times more than these five pieces together (and some models a lot more,) you have to realise that it is impossible to maintain the outstanding Samsonite regular quality with this price. Having said that, Samsonite did a good work with this set, clearly it has a quality better than average for this price range. The luggage is sturdy, easy to pull, and practical for the majority of your travel needs. I am not going to repeat all the specifications here, better go to Amazon and check them yourself, except to say that you can have it in black or red. To resume, good product, reasonable quality and hard to beat for the price.

Samsonite Lightweight Luggage Set
Samsonite Lightweight Luggage Set

Samsonite Lightweight 2 Piece Nested Set

This set could be a good option if you are looking for a carry-on and a not so small boarding or laptop bag. Both of them with spinner wheels. However, If you are looking for a bag to check in, I think that the larger one is perhaps a little on the small side. The set contains a 15 inches spinner tote and a 21 inches carry-on-sized spinner. In both cases the size is only the cargo area without counting the wheels. So the larger one is in the limit for a carry-on. The small bag nestled inside the other and, as I said before, both of them have all-directional spinner wheels.
Overall they seems to be sturdy, a set that should last, made of a polyester material and reasonable lightweight. The price is excellent. Recommended for people who want to travel light.

Sansonite Winfield Set
Sansonite Winfield Set

Samsonite 3-piece Winfield Luggage Nested Set - Hard Case

Another interesting set by Samsonite. In this case a three-piece set with hard shell suitcases. It contains a carry-on-sized (20 inches) and two check-in luggage suitcases ( 24 and 28 inches). All the suitcases come with multi-directional spinner wheels. As usual the smaller pieces nestle into the larger ones for easy of storage when not in use. The quality in general is good considering the price and how lightweight they are for a polycarbonate suitcase set. If you are looking for a way to carry your belongings comfortably, then this three-piece Samsonite luggage set is a good option. Worth the money.

Samsonite Elite carry on spinner and boarding laptop tote bag set in black.
Samsonite Elite carry on spinner and boarding laptop tote bag set in black.

Samsonite Elite Laptop Bag and Spinner Carry-on Set

This 2-piece Samsonite luggage set features a 21in upright spinner bag and a boarding tote bag with laptop compartment that fits up to a 15.6” laptop. One thing that is really convenient is that the laptop bag is designed to fit on top of the spinner bag attached to the handle. Besides both the spinner and the boarding tote have many useful pockets to help to keep all your things organized. As usual the set have a ten year warranty and the price is reasonable for the quality of a Samsonite set, far better that those you can find on your local mall.

Samsonite two piece spinner luggage set: 21in. carry-on and 27in. check-in
Samsonite two piece spinner luggage set: 21in. carry-on and 27in. check-in

Samsonite Two Piece Spinner Set: Carry-on and Check-in

Another lightweight luggage soft case set made in polyester. But in this case with a 21 inches carry-on and a 27 inches for check-in. The small one can be stored into the larger when not in use. One thing you have to be aware is that the size take only the case into account, the wheels are not included, so you are a little bit over the limit with the carry-on. Aside from that, a really good product with lots of space without being too much.

Samsonite Winfield 2 Spinners Suitcases


Samsonite is one the best brands to buy luggage and these sets are good example of this. Good quality with a reasonable price tag.


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  • RTalloni profile image

    RTalloni 7 years ago from the short journey

    Looking for new luggage--thanks!

  • tim-tim profile image

    Priscilla Chan 7 years ago from Normal, Illinois

    You are getting what you paod for. I had Samsonite for a long time and they last forever, Thanks for the hub!