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How to Fix Dry and Damaged Hair, Cheap

Updated on February 16, 2017

Causes of Dry hair

There are many ways you can fix dry and damaged hair and it does not need to cost a lot. Don't walk around with dry, fragile, out of control, or even brittle hair.

Many people have dry or damaged hair because of too much coloring, perming, blow drying and from using a flat iron. Many people lack the oil and moisture that gives hair its shine and soft texture. Too much heat on your hair can make it very fragile. Dry or damaged hair tends to be course or sometimes curly and out of control.Too much washing and blow drying can cause your hair to become very dry and brittle. The place where you live can cause your hair to dry out, such as places where there is a lot of sun and wind and no moisture. People who do not eat properly can make there hair suffer as they are not getting the right amount of nutrients. It takes about three days after we eat something for the nutrients to get to our hair. People who use hard water can make there hair very brittle. Hard water can also make a persons hair resistant to coloring and perming and can also lead to hair loss.

funny dry hair
funny dry hair

Ways to Fix Dry and Damaged Hair

There are many ways dry, damaged, and split end hair can be fixed. Follow some of these steps to help improve your hair.

1. Get on a healthy diet filled with all the necessary food groups. Healthy hair starts from the inside. Salmon is the best thing to eat, its loaded with high protein and filled with vitamin B-12 and iron. Dark green Vegetables are a good source of vitamins A and C and also contain iron and calcium. Beans are also an important part of your hair-care diet, they contain a lot of protein that promotes hair growth. Avoid fatty and starchy foods.

2.Cut of every inch of hair that is damaged. If you want healthy hair you must cut off the damaged.Trim every 6 weeks. Try to use coated or covered rubber bands to prevent split ends. Brush your hair when it is dry, not when its wet. Its best to use a wide toothed comb.

3. Shampoo often. I shampoo once a day, If i don't my hair looks so greasy

4. Always keep a blow dryer at least 6 inches away from your head as the heat badly damages your hair. If possible allow hair to air dry once in awhile or use the cool setting on your blow dryer.

5. The best way to keep your hair healthy is by choosing the best conditioner. The primary goal of a conditioner is to treat the hair after being shampooed to keep it nourished and tamed. All types of hair need to be conditioned to stay shinny and flexible. The most effective hair conditioners keep ones hair moisturized and add gloss. Conditioners remind me of what fabric softeners are to clothing. The conditioner helps replace the natural oils removed by the shampoo

Gardnier has became my favorite of all time for my hair. It makes it feel so soft and manageable and for the price it is the best you can buy.

This week at Dollar General, Garnier shampoo and conditioner is on sale for $2 a bottle. There is a $2 off coupon in last Sundays paper or you can join a couponing group and order the Internet printable which makes it free. I stocked up on 20 bottles. Who does not like Free.

Its a 10

Another product that works great for damaged hair is Its a 10. The one with the purple top. Its a leave in conditioner. The Its a 10 hair mask also works well. It makes my hair feel very soft. You can purchase in from Amazon at a reasonable price.


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