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Buy A Swatch Watch Online

Updated on March 30, 2012

Collecting Swatch Watches

Swatch watches are unique, colorful and make great Christmas gifts. You can't go wrong if you buy a Swatch watch.

I've loved Swatch Watches since I was 11 years old. I actually got my first one in Hong Kong during the summer between 5th and 6th grade. I'd been asking my parents for one all year, but they thought that they were too expensive for plastic watches. However, I found one on sale overseas and they purchased it for me: It was a white Swatch with blue and red piping.

Since then, I've gotten at least two new Swatch Watches each year -- and don't plan to stop. What I love about Swatches is that they're so unique and colorful; you're not just wearing a Swiss watch, you're wearing a work of art. They have styles that range from elegant to funky, and offer a whole new line of models each season. They're also relatively inexpensive compared to other watches. I've worn more expensive watches and they hardly ever get noticed. But whenever I wear a Swatch, I get non-stop compliments. I still have my Swatch Watch collection stored away because I like to save all of the vintage Swatch models. I like buying them online because if you get last season's models, you'll pay less money than you would've at the store.

With Christmas just around the corner, consider getting a Swatch Watch as a Christmas gift. These fun, colorful watches are sure to make your family and friends smile and they have models that are appropriate for men, women and children. Most are less than $100; plus, they're water resistant and last for years (I know this from experience!).

Here are some great Swatch Watches that will let you keep track of the time and will keep you looking stylish. With Swatches, you can have a great time -- literally.

Metallic Swatch Watch -- Women's Swatches

These metallic Swatches are beautiful, elegant and are sure to get noticed when you or a loved one wears them. The great thing about metallic Swatch Watches is that they're a kind of ladies Swatch that looks just like jewelry. Because the watches have engravings and a silvery shine, they also work as bracelets and match just about any outfit.

I own two Swatches out of this group: the Dune ladies and the Lulida ladies. Both watches are extremely thin and lightweight so you hardly feel like you're wearing them and both Swatches have a bracelet clasp, rather than a typical watch buckle. I love that because the Swatches fit smoothly against your wrist. With the Lulida in particular, people stop me all of the time to compliment my bracelet -- and then realize that it's actually a watch. They're always surprised when I tell them that it's a Swatch watch. Many still think of the geometric Swatches from the '80s are are surprised that they now make such chic and elegant models.

If you're looking for an inexpensive Christmas gift or stocking stuffer, one of these metallic Swatches would be a great choice. These women's Swatches are classic and beautiful, and will stay in style for decades to come.

Colorful Swatch Watches

These colorful Swatches are examples of what makes Swatch watches so special. No other watches out there have so many designs and prints to choose from. When you look at the designs on these Swatches that are part of the Swatch Core Collection, it's almost like going to a museum!

I love the Swatch with the butterfly motif on it. Even though the Swatch has so many colors on it, the design is simple and doesn't go overboard, and the butterfly gently resting on the watch face is gorgeous. The Swatch is playful and fun, but sophisticated enough so that an adult can wear it with a nice blouse and jeans.

I also love the Swatch watch with the rainbow colored striped band. Again, this is colorful enough to attract attention, but isn't over the top. And because there are so many colors in the band, this Swatch will match almost anything that a person owns.

The Blimenstrauss Swatch is unlike anything I've ever seen. The gears sticking out of the sides are a little crazy, but it's like one of those modern masterpieces that you have to look at a few times to understand. Still, I like all of the bright colors and think that it's a fun choice to wear, especially if you're looking for some funky jewelry for the holidays.

Colorful Swatches -- Swatch Core Collection

Swatch Watches For Men

While the women's Swatch watches are colorful and artistic looking, the Swatch watches for men are rugged and solid. Each is water resistant and tells time down to one-tenth of a second. I don't quite understand the need to be so very precise, but I suppose that's useful if you don't want to miss a train or the start of the game.

I personally like the blue Spymaker Swatch -- not only because blue is my favorite color, but because I think it's cool that the watch has "spy" in the title. It gives it a James Bond feel. My husband isn't really big on wearing watches, but my dad loves them. I'm actually thinking of getting him this Spymaker because he loves fun gadgets and well, he also has blue eyes.

What all of the men's Swatches have in common is that they're stylish and well made. These are the types of watches that can be dropped or banged, and they'll still look shiny and work well. Plus, they're fun to own. Any guy will love getting a Swatch as a gift this Christmas.


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    • CMHypno profile image

      CMHypno 7 years ago from Other Side of the Sun

      I have a blue swatch watch with white flowers on it, that I took travelling. The watch is still going strong, but I have had to have the plastic fastener replaced a couple of times, as they broke. They are fun and colourful though. Interesting hub

    • Super Gay profile image

      Super Gay 7 years ago

      They did seem too expensive for a plastic watch but they looked fabulous and lasted forever. And the Smart car was originally the Swatch car!