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Buying Men's Watches:A Guide

Updated on October 29, 2013

What Should You Consider

There are so many different types and styles of watches today which justifies considering certain things before you go ahead and get that watch.

Photo Credit flickr.

We have certainly come a long way from using the solar system and sun dials to tell the time. Styles of watches have evolved over the years from pocket watches to wrist watches which were made popular on battle fields

an example being the Anglo-Boer war of 1899-1902.Wristwatches were distributed amongst soldiers to coordinate army attacks and troop movements.

Out of the numerous men's accessories, a watch is one of the few that you will probably wear every single day. It is more than just a time piece. It can be a fashion statement about your style and even say a lot about your habits. The saying first impressions matter refers to things like the clothes you wear, your accessories which includes the watch, of course things like how you carry yourself, behave also matter

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There are certain factors to consider when buying watch whether for yourself or as a gift for the man in your life be it a lover, friend, father, brother or son.The perfect watch should be comfortable,something that fits into your lifestyle and you will want to wear for a long time.Below ar other factors to consider

Your Budget / price

The price of watches can range anywhere from a few buck to thousands of dollars for the more luxurious brands. It is possible to find watches regardless of what your budget is.Decide on how much you are going to spend and then do some research for watches within your budget.If there is a watch that you really want but cannot afford save up until you can get it.Sometimes things are worth the wait

When you will wear it

For most people a watch is simply a tool to help them tell time. However you might be interested in more than that. In this case other features can be just as important. For example if you are into sports / working out, a sports watch could be ideal. Sports watches are further specialized into particular activities like diving watches that can survive the pressure of being under water. As a general rule all sports watches are strong and shock absorbers.The functions that you can get out of your watch are endless;pulse monitors,measurement of blood pressure,guys into technology can get watches with digital cameras and so on.The list is endless.

When you intend to wear your watch

There are certain watches that are more suited to formal functions, others are more casual. A good idea is to buy a neutral watch that you can wear anywhere.However in the event that you find yourself buying mor than one watch or better still starting a collection (yes this happens alot) then you have the luxury of going for various styles.

More About The Style - Different styles of men's watches

The type of watch

There are three types of watches that you can choose from. The Analog watch has a face with hands for minutes and hours. They display time in 12 hours; these will probably be marked by numbers or roman numerals.

Digital watches on the other hand have a Light Emitting Diode (LED) or Liquid Crystal Display (LCD).They are powered by a battery

Analog /digital watches have features of both


This is the frame around the face of the watch. There are different choices including rectangular, square, round.It is just a persona; preference which one people go for.


This is the part that goes around the wrist. It can be made from different types of material metal (different types include gold, silver a mixture of the two)If you decide to buy a metallic watch then then you can decide from gold, yellow gold, gold plated, silver, two tone watches. Most will have a mixture of more than one metal

Other material your watch can be made from include; leather, faux leather, plastic, (which all come in various colors)

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Buying Second Hand Watches

Getting Luxurious and Designer Watches Cheaply

Sometimes if you are looking for a high end watch but cannot afford a new one then you could buy a second hand watch.These are usually for more luxurious brands like You can get good luxurious watch branches second hand but you should consider certain things.

Buy from an authorized dealer

This will ensure that you do not fall prey to the numerous people that are selling either fake watches or ones that do not function properly. Ask for a guarantee so that incase it gets spoilt, you have options available to you like getting your money back. Many authorized dealers will have one year guarantee.

How to check if a watch is fake

Be sure to ask the dealer to confirm that the original internal mechanisms have not been tampered with. If you know anyone that knows their watches well it might be a good idea to ask them to accompany you when you go to make your purchase

Do your research online about common fake signs to look out for in that brand you are interested in

Other fake watch giveaways are misspelt or another difference in numbering and lettering. Look out for model and serial number

Final thoughts

If you decide to get some of the more expensive brands do not forget to buy insurance for peace of mind. If you are interested in a particular watch that is beyond your budget buy a cheaper model and save up for your dream watch

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After reading all this you probably think that that getting the right watch is difficult.Here is a good selection to help you on your way

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