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Best Hair Serums

Updated on March 1, 2016

Hair smoothing serums are one of the best products to treat frizzy hair and help you achieve a better finish to your style. They're a rather versatile product though and can be used for a variety of other purposes too. Hair serums protect your hair from extremes in humidity and wet weather, treat dryness, and can even make your hair look significantly more shiny and healthy.

Benefits of hair serum

Hair serum has a range of benefits that extend well past the obvious smoothing effect. When added to your morning routine, a hair serum will help you look your best by giving you:

  • Smoother hair
  • Shinier hair
  • Better straightening
  • Heat styling protection
  • Humidity and moisture protection
  • Less frizz
  • Hair that is easier to style

What to look for

When you buy a hair serum, the majority of the products available will be effective. If you want to buy the best hair serum, you'll have to dig a little deeper and know what to look for. In particular, hair serums come in many different forms like liquids, sprays, and aerosols, and the way the hair serum is packaged will affect the way you style your hair with it.

Hair serums in the form of sprays work well to encourage shine in your hair. These serums are designed to be used primarily as a finishing product to smooth out your final style, which is why they have a thinner consistency. Hair serum sprays can give you shinier hair without weighing down your style, but they are too light to produce other benefits. If you just want to boost your hair's shine, buy one of these serums and your hair will shine like it's never shone before.

Heavier smoothing serums have a thicker consistency and move a lot like an oil when you tilt the bottle. These hair serums are an effective all round product for your hair that can be used before, during, or after styling. If you apply a liquid hair serum before straightening or curling your hair, it will protect your hair against heat damage and treat frizz. When applied to hair after styling however, a liquid hair serum will smooth any remaining frizz and add shine to your hair.

The only caveat with liquid serum is that a tiny amount is all you need or you can overdo it, whereas shine sprays are more forgiving. As such, when you buy a good hair serum, you will be able to use it regularly for months before you need to buy a new bottle. This saves you valuable time and money, so it's important to buy the best hair serum instead of just settling for less.

Redken All Soft Argan-6 Serum

Redken's All Soft hair serum is simply one of the best products you will ever use. If your hair suffers from dryness or frizz, it will zap these problems with just a tiny dab of product. If your hair hates the humidity, it doesn't have to with All Soft, offering protection from moisture in the hair or lack thereof.

When you apply this product, it acts as a barrier which prevents your hair from becoming dry and brittle on hot days, or frizzing up when it's humid and rainy. The moisture is locked inside your hair where it's needed and kept in balance for the entire day, meaning you don't have to fear the weather as much.

Like all Redken products, All Soft hair serum has a great upmarket fragrance which is both mild and chic. It relaxes you whilst you apply it and leaves your hair smelling exquisite. This is also, as the name suggests, the single best hair serum if you want your hair to feel soft and touchable. Cheaper serums can't compare and this hair serum will last you months before you need to buy more because Redken produces potent products. This is no exception.

Matrix Biolage Deep Smoothing Serum

Matrix's Biolage Deep Smoothing Serum is another one of the best hair serums available. Matrix is a professional salon brand just like Redken, with consistent product quality across the board. Their Biolage hair serum is one of many great products that can help you to treat frizzy hair and protect it from the environment.

Like Redken All Soft, Biolage hair serum has a subtle classy fragrance to it that you won't find cloying after applying the serum. It tames frizz and treats dry hair immediately to help you boost the appearance of your hair. If you're looking for a hair serum that is less expensive than the powerhouse that is Redken All soft, Biolage is your best bet. It may cost less to buy, but it will smooth and care for your hair in a way that most other products can't.

Macadamia Healing Oil

Macadamia Healing Oil hair serum is one of the best hair serums to buy if you color your hair often. This serum contains vitamin E to help moisturize dry, damaged hair, as well as natural macadamia oil to nourish and repair damage from within.

A key benefit to Macadamia's hair serum is the UV protection it offers. The vitamin E and other natural ingredients in the formula help protect your hair from the bleaching and damaging effects of the sun, leading to color that lasts longer, and healthier hair overall.

One of the consequences of dyeing your hair often is that your hair can become porous and lose the ability to maintain its moisture balance. Compared to Redken All Soft and Matrix Biolage, Macadamia hair serum has a thicker consistency which is especially useful for treating dry hair. The rich formula seals the cuticles of porous hair, locking in moisture and balancing your hair from within.


The great thing about hair serums is that a good product will last for months before you need to replace it. To buy and use a hair serum makes sense because it will easily replace many of the other products you use, like leave-in conditioners, deep conditioning treatments, masques, oils, heat protecting products, and mousse. A good hair serum will replace these products by balancing the moisture in your hair and eliminating frizz so that you don't need to use hairspray or mousse to hold it in place.

Do you have a question about hair serums? Wondering what to buy, or have an experience to share? Leave a comment below for tailored advice and share your insight with other readers.


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    • profile image

      maria 12 months ago

      Pro Naturals is the best :)

    • profile image

      Mary Ware 20 months ago

      The best I have ever used is the GKhair Serum. Instantly fights with the dry hair frizz and flyaways. It creates a protective shield over each hair strand leaving a soft smooth finish. The best cure to a soft smooth finish. Love it so much. :)

    • DaphneDL profile image

      Daphne D. Lewis 3 years ago from Saint Albans, West Virginia

      Thank you, Maffew!! I'll check out the hub link for using serums. I know it will be helpful. Have a great day!

    • Maffew James profile image

      Maffew James 3 years ago

      Hi Daphne,

      Glad you liked the article. When you use the Macadamia oil, you'll only need a small amount as it's a heavier product than other serums. If you need any information about how to use it, I also have an article about how to use hair serums:

    • DaphneDL profile image

      Daphne D. Lewis 3 years ago from Saint Albans, West Virginia

      I've used a number of products and am going to try the Macadamia oil. Thanks for the information!