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Break in Your New Cowboy Boots Before Wearing

Updated on June 27, 2011
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After a long time of searching online, you have finally found the perfect pair of cowboy leather boots, and of course, you cannot be any happier with your decision to purchase it. But when the product arrived on your doorstep, you were horrified to find out that the shoes feel awkward and uncomfortable! You swear you have given the store your correct foot size.

Do not fret. Before you call up the online store to complain, you have to know that leather shoes like cowboy boots may take a while to loosen and soften. At first, they may seem a little stiff but eventually, the material will stretch and become supple. Even topnotch brands like John Deere boots may take a few days to break in. The same is true even for kids cowboy boots.

Buying Cowboy Boots

Points to Remember

To help you break in your cowboy shoes, here are some reminders to keep in mind.

·        Start by wearing your new cowboy boots around the house. Ignore the annoying teasing remarks from your family or housemates. Wear two pairs of socks or very thick ones with the cowboy boots so that you would not end up having blisters. You only need to wear the boots for short periods everyday.

·        If you do get blisters, put a band-aid on it and do not give up. Keep on wearing the boots around the house until you feel that they are gradually starting to conform to the shape of your feet. Eventually, you can wear the boots for longer periods in your home.

·        After you have gotten used to the boots, you can now take them out for short trips outside. Keep the walking trips short and walk only on smooth surfaces as not to put too much tension on your feet.

·        Once you feel that the boots have loosened up, you can now wear them for longer periods or when you need to walk on rough terrains or do outdoor activities like hiking and trekking.

The Waiting Period

Wearing a pair of new cowboy boots outside especially in rough conditions will not only prove to be extremely uncomfortable. It is also very dangerous. Be sure to give it a few days or even a few weeks to break in before you wear it outside.

Materials and Designs in Cowboy Boots

Proper Care

Aside from having to break in these shoes, it is also a must to take proper care of them so that they would last a long time with you. For one, you need to keep the boots clean at all times. After wearing it, be sure to clean it up right away with a damp cloth to remove surface stains and grime before they seep deep into the material.


Moreover, you should be able to store the boots in a cool dry place, preferably on a boot rack to keep their top shape. Now, if you are not going to use the boots for a long time, you can store them in their original box and keep in a place that is far from heat sources. Remember, excessive heat can damage the material of the shoes.


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