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How To Buy Name Brand Clothing For Cheap Prices

Updated on August 22, 2012

How To Buy Name Brand Clothing For Cheap Prices

Tired of buying cheap brand clothing that wears out, fits funny, and is of poor quality? There are many places that you can buy name brand clothing for cheap prices if you know where to go and look. You can find name brands like Ambercrombie, Gap, Old Navy, Tommy Hilfiger, Columbia, Levi (just to name a few) for reasonably cheap prices if you know where to shop.

Not of all us can afford a pair of jeans that cost a hundred dollars or a sweater that cost eighty dollars. But most of us can afford to buy a hundred dollar pair of pants for a few bucks and a sweater. Before you decide to go to your favorite clothing store and spend a couple of hundred dollars on a few outfits, stop! You can find much better deals if your just willing to do a bit of what I like to call, sideways shopping.

Buy Name Brand Clothing for Cheap at Thrift Stores

Thrift stores can be a excellent source for finding name brand clothing at cheap prices. At my local thrift store I was able to find a lot of quality name brand clothes for very affordable prices. There have been many times where I was able to pick up a pair of Gap, Levi, Old Navy, and Columbia jeans, shirts, and sweaters. The cost? I payed about two to three dollars for each item that was worth 15x or more that much. Three dollars for a pair of sixty dollar jeans -- total savings: fifty-seven dollars. Don't underestimate thrift stores. A lot of times you will find high quality name brand clothing that people have simply dropped off or put on consignment, simply because the clothes didn't correctly fit them! Check back at thrift stores often to check what new clothing they have put out, and you may find yourself with a name brand wardrobe in no time!

Buy Name Brand Clothing for Cheap on Ebay

If you haven't lived under a rock then you've most likely shopped on Ebay or at least heard of it. Ebay has many items up for auction that you can bid on, and you can usually always find a great deal on name brand clothing. Better yet, sometimes sellers will list lots of clothing and you can win several outfits for a extremely affordable cost. There have been many times where I was able to get a bunch of name brand clothing for extremely cheap prices on Ebay. Never underestimate the power of the most popular auction site online!

Buy Name Brand Clothing for Cheap at Yard Sales

Yard sales can be a excellent source for finding name brand clothing at cheap prices also. If you live in area that has quite a few yard sales weekly, then it is worth checking out. There have been many times that I have stopped at a yard sale that had a table full of clothes and was astonished by what kind of clothes that I had found. Of course, not all yard sales will have name brand clothing for sale, but if you keep looking you may come across a yard sale that has a goldmine of quality name brand t-shirts and jeans. I remember one yard sale that I went to a while back... I was able to stuff a grocery bag full of clothes for twenty-five cents with name brand t-shirts and pants. Never underestimate yard sales!

There you have it. If you are looking to buy name brand clothing at cheap prices, than I recommend checking out thrift stores, ebay, and yard sales. You may be surprised at what you find, and you will extra surprised on how much money you have saved!


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      you can buy some cheap name brand clothes and other thing

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