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Updated on February 8, 2009

Hello everyone i'm James The Jeweler and if you've never heard of PALLADIUM you will soon, and why? well it's another member of the PLATINUM family but it's far more affordable than PLATINUM.

PALLADIUM never needs RHODIUM PLATING, the way you'd have to do the white gold jewelry you may own in order to keep it looking like white gold over time, PALLADIUM weighs about the same as 14kt white gold also.

If you're looking for a precious metal that cost about the same as 14kt white gold, doesn't need RHODIUM PLATING, hypo-allergenic, much more affordable than PLATINUM, much purer than 14kt white gold, much rarer than gold, then you should purchase PALLADIUM instead of 14kt white gold.



Palladium Bullion Bars
Palladium Bullion Bars
950 Palladium Wedding Band
950 Palladium Wedding Band
950 Palladium & Diamond Wedding Ring Set
950 Palladium & Diamond Wedding Ring Set


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    • profile image

      jewellery channel 7 years ago

      the wedding ring set is just beautiful..

    • jamesisajeweler profile image

      jamesisajeweler 8 years ago from Atlanta, Ga

      @ "PAULJORG" i don't think Palladium will ever surpass Platinum in price, but i do feel Palladium is A GREAT ALTERNATIVE TO PLATINUM in today's economy, for those of you who want the benefits of Platinum but not the price of Platinum. Palladium is a NATURALLY WHITE METAL that does deserve its' place in the market of the jewelry buying consumer. I appreciate your comment on my hub "PAULJORG."

    • pauljorg profile image

      pauljorg 8 years ago

      Good stuff, I love palladium. I have from some very credible sources that palladium has the potential to skyrocket in price much more than platinum in the future.