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2013 Watch Trends: 8 Fashionable Camo Watches

Updated on April 4, 2013

Get an awesome Camouflage Design Watch

Meet eight of the best and coolest of the currently highly fashionable camo watches on the market. With the 2013 camo watch trend in full force these are some beauties to take a second look at if you are watch fanatic.

Personally I love the Swatch and Neff designs but truth be told my wrists are not big enough for the manly Invicta divers that are cool in their own right. Especially the Invicta Desert Storm has a lot to go for it, if you can pull wearing a huge 52mm dial.

#8. Brown Camo Android Watch

The latest release in the Decoy family is the Camo version. It has a stainless steel case. The black dial looks great with the camouflage straps and makes this watch looking pretty badass. Even though it's low on my list this is a cool watch and made by the USA company Android. They are based in Florida and have a great designer in Wing Liang.

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#7. Desert Camo Shark Watch

Awesome looking digital watch by SHARKK and it's very affordable. Perfect gift for a guy or anyone who is a real trooper and loves camo style stuff. The dial has a backlight that can be activated and the Shark is also water resistant to 330'! Which is a pretty stellar feature at this price point. The case is resin with a steel back.

#6. Fashionable Swatch Camo Watch

Swatch is a Swiss watchmaker that is not only known for the archetypical Swiss craftmanship but also for their incredible fashionable watches. This camo case is a perfect example. The design is really special and your watch will get many comments and attention. Since camo is in fashion as well this is a great pick if you want an accessory that really shines.

#5. Fashionable Timex Watch

Very cool Timex model. The camouflage design on this watch is one of the best of all watches on this shortlist. The dial doesn't just show the time but also the weather, the altitude and the temperature. Pretty awesome, I would love this watch on my hikes.

What is pretty special is that if you are not satisfied with the watch from the MrWatch store you can actually return it in original condition for up to a year! Which is pretty crazy and shows a lot of confidence of a great product by the seller.

#4. Cool Neff Watch

American camo design by the snowboard and surfer company Neff. Based in California they make some amazing lifestyle items. As a matter of fact I'm a huge fan of their watches. Neff has some amazingly creative designs that transfer some of that Cali happy go lucky vibe to you just by wearing them. Think of watches looking like icecreams and stuff like that.

#3. G13 Phone Watch

The SVP G13 is an unlocked touch screen watch phone that works with the GSM quadband network. It is actually Bluetooth supported as well. It comes with a charger to reload it, which is necessary often when you actively use it as a phone.

At the same time the G13 is also a camera. Which is quite cool in such a compact design and it is even able to record videos. It's very much like a phone because it also plays music and can be fitted with up to 32GB of MicroSD cards.

The entire pack comes with: The G13, USB cable and wall charger, battery, Bluetooth and charger, and of course the user manual as it is a little bit more complicated then the regular watch.

This is an awesome phone when you need to have one when you are going on runs or bike tours often but want to be reachable.

#2. Blue Camo Invicta Diver

Invicta is a russian manufacturer that has made some amazing strides into the wath world. It offers impressive pieces at astounding prices. They are doing to watches what the Japanese did to the car industry.

They have a couple of awesome divers out with a cool camouflage print. Check out this blue diver. Keep in mind this is a BIG watch. I meant that it's a real man's watch and it won't look good on most girls wrist or if you are a scrawny guy (I'm too no problem guys! This is just not the watch for us)

Made out of stainless steel it feels heavy and extremely solid. The case is 52mm which is pretty huge as I mentioned and it runs on a very precise Swiss quartz movement.

#1. Fashionable Camo Watch

Most badass camo watch currently available. A green Invicta camo diver that is freaking huge. The 52mm dial is for men not boys and it can look pretty intimidating. The dial is camo but this is immediately apparent because the dial is so huge.

The band is desert colored and the watch is known as the Desert Storm model. It has dog tags saying "Desert Storm" on the back. The watch will actually work as a camo model and blend in great with your other camo gear if you so require. As a fashion piece it is good looking too with the fresh looking camo pattern.


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