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Caps for Sale

Updated on November 30, 2013

Caps for Sale

I was in a restaurant eating dinner one day and noticed a large group of twenty-somethings seated at a party table. Most of them were wearing caps, and I got to thinking about wearing caps indoors. And then I thought about a favorite book from my childhood called "Caps for Sale". Thus, I mused about tropical monkeys descending on an open-air restaurant and wreaking havoc with caps on folk's heads.

So, here are an assortment of fun caps that I've found and also the book that partly inspired me to develop this lens. Feel free to browse. I expect to add more styles over time.

I've also included a new original poem entitled "Wish I Had a Cap". Poetry copyright MyFairLadyah - Reprint only with permission

Caps for Sale - by Esphyr Slobodkina - A Book from My Childhood

You'd climb up the tree too when the monkeys start taking your caps

Caps Inside?

Do You Wear Your Cap Inside?

See results

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Black Swarovski Rhinestone Cap With Double Swords

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Monkeys to Play With

With a few monkeys and a few caps you can act out scenes from "Caps for Sale"

Wish I Had a Cap

An Original Poem about Caps

Wish I had a cap upon my head

To shield my naked balding pate

I'd hang it at the post upon my bed

When I got home exhausted late

What color would it be, you ask

There's many a hue from which to choose

I don't know to which I'd give the task

From greens and tans, yellows and blues

Perhaps a dozen caps I'd have

To fit my mood on a given day

And I wouldn't need my feelings salved

Should the wind blow one away

Protective like the habit of a nun

Yet much lighter in its stead

I'd feel not much the blazing sun

Had I a cap upon my head

A Totally Different Poem about Caps

A Cap Upon the Head

Forwards or Backwards ?

Do you wear the viser on your cap forwards or backwards ?

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Scottish Caps and Tams

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Thanks for Looking at My Cap Selections

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    • l-may profile image

      l-may 5 years ago

      I remember the book "Caps for Sale." What fun!