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Gambling, Card Tattoos

Updated on February 21, 2018

Fantastic Card Tattoos

Tattoos of cards are surprisingly versatile and unique in appearance, with a lot of additional props or themes that blend with them, to create very compelling designs.

There are memory card tattoos, tattoos of cards and stories, and just about every conceivable idea you can think of.

I wouldn't have thought cards could go with so many other themes. For example, you have cards and flowers; cards held by death; cards and a pretty woman (of course); and cards with poker chips, etc.

One of my favorites is the card suits tattooed on each finger right below the knuckle. I've seen that several times on different people, and it works very well.

An interesting thing about my enjoyment about investigating tattoo themes is getting surprised by them. Card tattoos was one of those that caught me off guard as to how interesting and unique they looked, and also how this simple idea was developed into interesting images by tattoo artists.

Ace of Spades

For some people the suit of spades is unique, and the Ace of Spades the top of the group. So what better way to start off looking at card tattoos than a hand of spades.

Ace of Spades Card Tattoo

Poker chips

Here is another hand of spades, but this time including the poker chips. Very interesting look. My favorite is the way the artist used shadow and the feel you get of sitting in front of the chips holding the hand of cards.

Cards Tattoo with Poker Chips

Cards on back

Here's one of those card tattoos that included props along with it that work. It's whimsical, and apparently makes sense to the one wearing it, with the stars and berries at the bottom of the image. Somehow it all works.

Card Tattoos on Back

Ace of spades and skull

When I started looking at these card tattoos, and even uploading and writing about them, I didn't catch the spade theme being the favorite and predominate card suit. It works well with the addition of the skull. The emanations from the skull are very cool looking

Skull Card Tattoo of Skull in Ace of Spades

Cards and death

The image of death holding the hand of cards is pretty powerful if you like that particular theme. I'm not a big fan of it, but it does definitely capture your attention. Notice all the cards in the hand are aces.

Death Holding Cards

Different card suit on each finger

Tattoos on the fingers are always an attraction, and in the case of the card suits below, among my favorites as to the theme for those getting tattoos on that part of the body. I'm not sure why, but this always seems to be a great tattoo on those I've seen them on.

Did you notice the play on the diamond suit? It's a real diamond rather than how it looks on an actual deck of cards.

Card Suits on Fingers

Cards and memories

Here's a nice tattoo in memory of someones dad, who evidently enjoyed golfing, as shown by the inclusion of the golf club. The roses are nice. But my favorite is using the heart card suit to show the love this person had for their father. Nice touch.

Memory Tattoo with Cards

Cards and hearts

Several tattoos I found with cards included the heart, which when you look at the one below, including the eight ball and dice, seems to say in matters of the heart you're always taking a chance. It seems to be very true, and this is a great way to display that with this tattoo.

Heart and Cards Tattoo

Cards and sayings

I absolutely love this tattoo because of the saying included with it. It says, "It's not the cards you're dealt in life, but how you play them." Fantastic!

Some of you may have been wondering if we the card tattoos were eventually going to include one with Alice in Wonderland, as the cards were such a big part of the story. Well here's a fun tattoo alluding to just that story.

Alice in Wonderland and Cards Tattoo

Marilyn Monroe

When I first saw this image, it seemed to be someone you may have see frequenting a casino years ago. It wasn't until I saw the larger image that I discovered it was Marilyn Monroe. Great discovery and wonderful tattoo.

Card Tattoo with Marilyn Monroe


Now you can see why I was so excited about the card tattoos. I thought they would be somewhat uninteresting in boring, but to my delight they were very compelling and great to look at.


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    • profile image

      evan 5 years ago

      They spelt dealt* wrong on his arm! Haha

    • Sun-Girl profile image

      Sun-Girl 6 years ago from Nigeria

      Nice and useful article which i love raedimg from.

    • profile image

      HTRAINo 6 years ago

      Especially like the last few, effing awesome!