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How to Take Care of Body Odor

Updated on December 4, 2015

What is body odor?
The skin of the human body has two types of sweat glands, they are

1. Eccrine glands.
2. Apocrine glands

1 Eccrine glands are ductless glands which open directly into the surface of the skin. There are between 2 million to 5 million eccrine glands on human skin. Ecrine glands are also sometimes referred to as merocrine glands or sweat glands. They are virtually found all over the skin. When your body temperature rises, your autonomic nervous system stimulates these to secrete fluid onto the surface of your skin, where it cools your body as it evaporates, and this fluid is referred to as perspiration. It is mainly composed of water and salt and also contains traces of electrolyte and other substances such as urea.

2 Apocrine glands are sweat glands which have a coiled secretory portion and they secrete their product into the hair. Follicle apocrine sweat glands in human’s are found only in certain areas such as the armpits, some parts of genitals, scalp, and eye lids.

Why sweat has odor?
Sweat has no odor, but it provides a moist breeding ground for bacteria. These bacteria eventually mix with the milky secretion from the apocrine glands, which are concentrated in the hairy areas of your bodies, especially the armpits; it’s this brew of bacteria and moisture, that is responsible for your body odor

How to control body odor?
Most people can control body odor with a daily shower and deodorant. But the following strategies may help if your body odor is intense.

Healthy digestive system
Many people won’t believe this, but somehow, body odor is linked to digestive system. Many people, whom I know, had body odor problems when these people started having more fruits and healthy foods, their body odor, reduced 60%. If you have body odor problems you can also adopt the following three rules, there is no harm in doing so.

1. Eat small frequent meals throughout the day. Chew your food well. Eat low-fat meals include fresh vegetables and yogurt in your diet.

2. During the day keep your-self hydrated well. You can also drink fresh apple and orange juice, water is very essential for your body, it gives moisture to the body which it needs to function properly. Our body mistakes hunger for thirst, so stay hydrated to prevent unnecessary over eating. Try keeping water with lemon slices around to help boost your intake and to keep your digestive track healthy.

3. Intake of fiber can help promote bowel function it keeps bowel movement proper. Have high – fiber foods such as fruits and vegetables they will also help lower your chances of over eating so have them in small servings throughout the day.

Detoxification is an alternative approach targeted for the body to get rid of accumulated toxin. Toxins are harmful chemical substances that exert undesirable effects on an individual’s health such as foul body odor. The best way to detoxify your body is to have lots of fruits. Make it your habit to have daily fresh vegetable or fruit juice, include apples, peaches, and pomegranates strawberries, plums, kiwi fruit, melon, apricots and papaya in your diet. Also include chlorella, garlic, broccoli and beetroot.

Join cooking classes or learn how to make various types of salads as salads also help to detoxify your body. Add sage, parsley and alfalfa to your salads and to main dishes as all have anti-bacterial properties and consuming them helps the body stay free of bacteria. Especially add parsley to your meals and salads as it contains zinc which gives body extra anti-bacterial power to overcome bacteria that causes body odor.

Personal Hygiene
One of the best ways to fight body odor is through proper personal hygiene. Remember body odor occurs only when bacteria mixes with the secretion from the apocrine glands. You can also minimize your body odor by using an anti bacterial soap to cleanse particular areas of your body where the apocrine glands are concentrated, namely under the arms and around the genital area. Use the antibacterial soap once a day. There are many deodorant soaps also available in the market, if you want you can use them instead of anti bacterial soap, however limit their use to armpits and genital area only as they are harsh for the rest of the body.

Put the right deodorant
For you’re under arms choose an antiperspirant/ deodorant combination that has aluminum chlorohydrate as its active ingredient. Such products minimize moisture, so bacteria have no place to grow.

Vinegar is a great anti-bacterial agent. Use it in your bath too. Add two cups of cider or white vinegar to your warm bath water along with one table’s spoon of ginger. Soak in the water for least 20 or thirty minutes. After your shower dilute cider vinegar in a water bucket. Pour water on the body see that the water doesn't get into your eyes. Dry as usual.

Add – cornstarch
Apply cornstarch to odor prone areas or apply powder after deodorant. The basic aim, of this step in to keep moisture level minimum, less moisture discourage bacterial growth. If you are a woman do not use talcum powder or body powder on genital areas. Instead use cornstarch. Powder has been linked to ovarian cancer in women.

Distinct odors
Each human being has an instinct and individual body odor. Trained tracking dogs use their sense of smell to track lost people owning to their individual odors. But we can take on some very strange aromas when we eat certain foods. And the smell can stay with us for days. Even brushing our teeth and taking a shower can’t get rid of it easily.

When we eat certain foods and spices, our bodies extract some of the proteins and oils that gives food its particular scent. This is a part of normal digestive process. These smell producing compounds lend their fragrances’ by remaining in the body’s excretions and secretions for hours and sometimes for days after you have them. Fish, cumin, curry and garlic are the biggest offenders. Many foods have strong cooking smells; their smell in the air can cling to your hair, skin, and clothing and can linger on for days. When you are cooking food with strong smells, especially Indian curries, be sure to keep your kitchen well aerated. After having a meal made from spices have green tea, green tea neutralizes food odors use brown sugar to sweeten your cup brown sugar also has the ability to neutralize odors of various foods.

However some odors can also be a sign that something is wrong with you. If your body starts to take on the odor of a food you haven’t eaten, it could be cause for concern. For example fishy- smelling urine can be sign of kidney trouble, and breath that smells like alcohol could indicate diabetes.

Green tea
Have green tea 2 or 3 times a day. It is a great detox. In the beginning you may feel sour body odor, as the tea cleans toxins out of your system. Give at least two months to the tea to completely detox you. Whenever you have food with strong smell after eating have a cup of green tea. Green tea has the ability to diffuse food and spices smell.

Every person who wants to lead a healthy life should make their habit to have at least 2 cups of green tea each day. Green tea is not only a great for detoxification of the body, but is also anticancer and anti- Alzheimer it bonds with toxins which damage the brain, thus preventing and reducing the risk of Alzheimer disease. It also helps to lose weight.

Wear clothing made from natural fibers like silk or cotton. These fibers absorb perspiration easily. Cloths made from natural fibers, allow, air flow on to the skin, surface. This circulation of air keeps the body skin dry and drive away the humidity and moisture in which odor- causing bacteria thrive.

Baking Soda
After taking a shower take a cotton ball or pad put the hydrogen peroxide on the cotton ball or pad then wipe under your arms. This will help to clean the armpit area and it will also dampen the area to hold baking powder in the next step.

For the second step take the same cotton ball or pad and dip it in the box or the container in which baking powders is, press the ball or pad over it. Now spread the baking powder on and around armpit area for good coverage. You won’t like to put clumps of baking soda under your arm, so apply baking powder like face powder, spread evenly so that even dusty whiteness can be seen in the mirror. Make sure your underarms are dry before putting on your shirt.

Milk of Magnesia
You can also use milk of magnesia as a deodorant; many people are allergic to soda, so instead of using baking soda use magnesia, here’s how you can use milk of magnesia.

Step 1: Pour about a nickel- sized amount of liquid on your palm.
Step 2: Use your fingers to apply the liquid to you’re under arms.
Step 3: Allow you’re under arms to dry out completely before putting on your shirt.

Neem extract
Neem, now called wonder medicinal plant has excellent power to kill bacteria. Take a bowl with warm water add a few drops about 4 to 5 of neem extract or you can also use its essential oil. Soak a small towel in the water and towel off you armpits.

Essential Oil

Use any one of the following essential oils in your bath, they will not only relax you but will help you get rid of body odor.

  • Rose essential oil or rose water add same rose water around ½ cups, or use few drops of rose essential oil in your warm bath. Soak for around 20 to 30 minutes. Other essential oils which you can use are.
  • Tea tree essential oil.
  • Mint essential oil
  • Lavender essential oil.
  • Lemon essential oil.
  • Rosemary essential oil.

Witch Hazel:

You can also use witch Hazel to clean your armpits. Add a few drops of any one of the above mentioned essential oils in it. Here how you do it.

Step 1: Take witch hazel in a bowl.

Step 2: Add 3 drops of any one of the above mentioned essential oils.

Step 3: Dip cotton ball or pad in the solution soak well. Clean your armpits and area around them.

Step: 4 let dry, before wearing any shirt.

For chronic body odor:

Chronic body odors can be successively dealt with neem plant use its leaves and bark. Here what you do:

Step 1: soak fresh or dried leaves in water. Leave them our night.

Step 2: Next day strain the water, and drink it. Keep brown sugar or honey near you after drinking the infusion, have half a tablespoon of either one of them this will make your mouth taste better.


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