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Five Fashionable Classic Casio Gold Watches for Girls

Updated on July 9, 2013
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The Best Japanese Invention after Sushi: Casio Vintage Ladies Watches

Ever since youth culture rediscovered the classic Casio watch as an affordable and fashionable timepiece all the cool digital models have made a stormy comeback. They are everywhere now: in fashion magazine on album covers and all over tumblr. In this article I'll list the five coolest gold casio watches for women.

Casio womens gold

Very sharp gold watch with a gold dial, looks like it came straight from the 80's. This dial is uncommon and it makes a great addition to outfits that are already have some color but that you want to wear a watch on or even a gold watch specifically. In reality it looks a lot better then this bad picture from Amazon though.

Standard Casio Gold

One drawback of these classic watches is that they don't come with a backlight. That's a modern feature that only became mainstream in the 90's unfortunately. It does have a daily alarm and stopwatch features that were state of the art at the time. Of these five Casio gold watches for women this one is the most common or standard if you can say that at all about these timepieces.

Casio gold purple dial

This casio gold with purple dial is very cute. The purple dial is pretty rare and really sets it apart from most other casio gold watches. Again no backlight but otherwise it has all the state of the art features from the 80's. Great gift for a girlfriend guys...

Casio gold teal dial

Another hard to find Casio gold with teal dial. You rarely see these colored dials while they are perfect accessories to add to your outfit and give it some color. A real retro model that is loved all over the fashion and music scene. Casio meanwhile refuses to bank on the succes of their retro models and bring out updated version. And maybe that's what makes them so cool.

Vintage Casio Gold Analog

Very cute analog Casio gold. The japanese manufacturer really outdid themselves with this cute and girly design that is still very retro in appearance. I wanted to add at least one analog watch to this overview of retro Casio models. The digital models were most fashionable at first but slowly the analog ones are being discovered by fashionistas as well.


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