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Summer Shoes for Young Women

Updated on March 11, 2015

Cute Summer Casual Shoes for Women

I love casual shoes for women and if I am being honest I spend more time wearing them than high heels.

The main reason for this is the fact that I like to walk as much as possible. I also have a job where I am on my feet all day so I need something that will not give me blisters. There are thousands of casual shoes for young women on the market but my main aim is to find the most stylish ones available. The range is much better in summer than Winter, not to mention the fact that the weather is much better in Summer and you can show off prettier styles.

I have either bought the shoes below or tried them on. Hopefully there is a good enough variety to suit everyone.

Image credit is Amazon and can be found here

What is on offer

My wardrobe consists of over 20 pairs of casual shoes for women. They range from Tom's to New Balance to my fashion ballet pumps. The truth is that I cannot get enough of them.

Some have sequins, some have bows, others are plain while others have polka dots or stripes. The variety is endless and depends on what outfit I am wearing.

I find them great for travelling and for walking down the prom. I always make sure I have several pairs packed in my case when I am heading away on a foreign holiday whether it is a city break or a beach holiday.

Tom's Casual Shoes for Young Women

I have a confession to make and that is the fact that I have only recently learned about Tom's casual shoes but as soon as I tried on a pair I instantly fell in love with them.

They are the most comfortable piece of footwear I have ever tried on. I actually wear them as slippers as well as outdoors. They really are snug and not only that they are very affordable and look great too.

You can pair them with jeans, leggings, dresses or skirts basically anything. It is always a great idea to have a versatile pair of shoes in your wardrobe and I believe these are it.

Women's Casual Shoes that look great with skinny jeans

I have to admit that I wear skinny jeans 80% of the time therefore these Saunk slip ons are perfect for me.

Sanuk Women's Dotty Flat
Sanuk Women's Dotty Flat

These come in blue, pink and tan apparently although I think the tan ones look more like grey.

They are very cute and girly and will appeal to lots of young women who are looking for a casual pair of shoes for everyday wear.


The ultimate casual shoes for young women who love Hello Kitty

Van's are fabulous. I actually have a pair of pink ones with skulls and a pair of burgundy ones.

However I do not yet own any of the Hello Kitty range. I am sure these would make a fabulous gift for someone who worships the Japanese kitten.

Are these just for daytime or night time too?

Would you wear a pair of casual shoes to the bar or not

Take day into night with these cute ballet casual shoes for women

Are you going straight to dinner from the office? If so you need something casual but something that will still look great when out for dinner.

Ballerina pumps make your feet look dainty and are casual enough for work and dressy enough for a meal with friends at a good restaurant.

I think silver is a good colour for day and night, plus it matches well with most things.

Trotters Women's Sizzle Signature Ballet Flat,Silver,9 M US
Trotters Women's Sizzle Signature Ballet Flat,Silver,9 M US

These flats actually come in lots of different colours but my favourite has got to be these silver ones.


Did you find something you liked here or would you like to see something else featured?

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