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Cat Outfits from (Sam And Cat Nickelodeon Show)

Updated on May 7, 2014

Find Cat Valentine's Outfits from Sam and Cat!

If you love the Nickelodeon show Sam and Cat, then you're very familiar with the red headed babysitter Cat, yes is the same one from the old Nickelodeon Show Victorious. In case you know don't know I made a page Cat Victorious Outfits ever since the show Victorious started until ended.

In this new page I'm going to post Cat Outfits from Sam and Cat Show.

I'm planning to follow Cat's style in Sam and Cat as well. Cat has the same personality she had in Victorious: Bubbly, nice,sweet, gullible.

I personally never thought Sam and Cat would ever work together, they're completely opposites. Cat is very girly and sweet when Sam has a tomboyish attitude and is hardly sweet.

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Cat Valentine Style In Sam And Cat

This is the pilot episode where it all began. I don't recall this episode with a lot of details but the main points is that Sam rescued Cat Valentine from the trash truck disposal. She accidentally got thrown in there and sam quickly acted to rescue her. Then Cat invited her to stay with her and that's how all the adventure began between the two young later babysitters.

This episode Sam looks almost just like she did in the last episodes of iCarly. And Cat has the same fashion and style she did on Victorious. In this picture Cat Valentine's hair looks brighter than what she actually has it.

Popular Cat Valentine Clothings - Items

In this small section you would find the most popular items Cat Valentine wears in Sam and cat. If you see an clothing item that is common, please let me know in the comment section.

Plush Purple Giraffe Stuffed Toy with extra leg support
Plush Purple Giraffe Stuffed Toy with extra leg support

I believe Cat Valentine's purple stuffed animal giraffe is the most wanted and popular one.

At first I thought this purple giraffe was going to be expensive since it's popular but to my surprise it was inexpensive.


The shoes that Cat Valentine's wears in the show are not Converse or Vans, there Keds. The Keds shoes are quickly getting very popular among celebrities and teenagers, Keds are affordable.

Amazon has several colors for you to choose from and YES, pink is available. You can see more colors by clicking the banner.

However, for the floral Keds shoes, you can see them here!

Blue Floral Print Taylor's Swift Keds .

Yay Day Episode

If you follow Sam and Cat show then you probably know this episode where Cat makes up a holiday "Yay Day" . It is a fun holiday since it's to receive gifts and bond with friends.

Cat Valentine seems to wear this top with a cardigan.

You can find her top for $20 at Kimchi Blue- Pradux . The cardigan can be any cardigan of certain color.

Cat Valentine's Yay Day Song

Goomersitting Episode

I don't recall this episode really well, but I remember it starts about Sam and Cat having a horrible time with some children and they end up babysitting Goomer.

Cat Valentine is wearing a floral pink dress which you can find this Floral Bustier Dress for $20.

This is a dress Cat Valentine ( Ariana Grande) wore to promote the show Sam and Cat. Though it has not being view in any of the shows, I think it goes with her personality in the show.

This dress is no longer in stock.

Sam and Cat Rappin

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