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Cat Tattoo Designs

Updated on May 24, 2016

Cat Tattoos

Cat tattoos offer up a variety of designs and inspirations from people, and can range from jungle cats to our favorite little fur balls running around the house.

This hub we'll look at domestic cats, which can bring out a lot of emotion in people, as many will ink their favorite feline that has passed on so they can bring back fond memories of their friend.

Others just get some very nice cat tattoos displayed as the piece of art they are.

Either way, fans of cats love to express themselves with ink, and we'll look at the variety of ways they do it.

A couple of things that I looked for with cat tattoos which I had a hard time finding were cats in action poses, as well as a kitten playing with a ball of string.

In both cases I expected a lot of them, but in reality found very few.

But let's look at the photos of cat tattoos that are out there.

Action Cat Tattoo

This was one of the very few cat tattoos I was able to find of one in action. It isn't the best of quality as far as detail and difficulty goes, but I did think it was fun and he seems to have a smirk on his face as he's about to catch or dig his claws into whatever he's after.

Cat Tattoo Chasing Something

Vicious Cat Tattoo

This cat tattoo looks straight out of cartoon story, and he's obviously the bad guy in this one. I included it because it was unique in its look, and the color purple stood out as unusual. The stance was also compelling and nicely portrayed the predatory design that was seemingly desired.

Bad Kitty Tattoo

Unique Asian Cat Tattoo

This cat tattoo with an Asian feel was very different from everything else I found. The colors and eyes especially stand out. It's not my type of tattoo, but I could see where a lot of people could like it.

Asian Cat Tattoo

Minimalist Cat Face Tattoo

These types of tattoos are very compelling to me. I like how the design and tattoo artists leaves out things in order to reveal and enhance others. The eyes of the cat stick out particularly in this one.

Cat Face Tattoo

Little Kitty Tattoo

Nothing talking about cats would be complete without a kitty tattoo, and the one below is outstanding in quality and realism. The detail is extraordinary, and had to have taken some time to do.

Kitty Tattoo

Nice Tattoo of Cat's Head

The tattoo of the cat's head below is another very high quality one. I always like it when the artist is able to include that wet nose look, which is done well here.

I also like the eyes which seem to represent so many cats that like to let you know to not bother them or they're bored with you. These eyes capture that nicely.

Cat's Head Tattoo Design

Memorial Cat Tattoo

Here's one of tattoos tattoos done in remembrance of a cat. I though this was unusual in that it was more of a caricature of a cat than an exact resemblance. But that cat had a nice long life!

Tattoo in Memory of Cat

Tattoo of Naughty Cat

This cartoonish looking cat says a lot about the many cats all of us have had through the years. It captures the naughty side that most cats - even the best of them - seem to have in one degree or another.

Photo of Bad Cat Tat

Cat Who Thinks He's King Tattoo

Here's another fun tattoo design of the type of cat who struts around the house like they're the king and queen of it. Of course they let you think they aren't, but we know better, don't we.

The Cat Who is King Tattoo

Nasty Looking Chesire Cat Tattoo

Talk about looking up to know good and about ready to explode. This chesire cat tattoo is funny, and again, reminds all of us of the behavior traits of some of our more bad behaving little felines.

Chesire Cat Tattoo Design

Playful Cat Tattoo

After reminding us of all our naughty little cats overall, we do have to also include a playful cat tattoo, which we have here to end our walk through cat tattoos. Now this is how we like to think of our little kitty's when we meditate on the very positive side of our experience with them.

Tattoo of Cat Playing with Flower

Cat Tattoos as Different as Individual Cats

While we didn't have a lot of action tattoos with the cats, there were a lot of interesting ones that displayed the many moods these little guys can get into. Reminds us a little of when our young teens go through those many mood changes that make us wonder what planet they're from sometimes.


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