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How to use Cayenne Pepper for Thinning Hair

Updated on April 26, 2015


Cayenne has been used in medicine for centuries as a circulatory stimulant to boost and facilitate the flow of blood. Doctors have used it to even prevent heart attacks and stop bleeding. Dr. John Christopher is a herbalist who has used cayenne in his practice for various cures and regiments. Dr. Richard Schulze is another prominent MD who says, “Cayenne’ is the master of herbs.”

The benefits are so many, you’d be surprise. Cayenne is high in the following nutrients: Vitamin C, Vitamin B-6, Niacin, Riboflavin, Vitamin A, Iron, Cooper and Potassium. You can view the exact daily allowances here: Nutrition and You.

Hair Growth and Cayenne

At the base of the hair follicles there are tiny blood vessels called the ‘papilla cells.’ They play the most vital part when it comes to hair growth. The papilla cells also determines the three phases of hair cycles (anagen – growth stage, catagen – transitional stage, and telogen- rest stage). Lastly, the papilla determines your overall hair formation.

Where cayenne comes into play is that when added to the scalp it quickly brings blood to the surface. Therefore, it can actually improve scalp circulation, bloodstream, and rebuild the papilla cells, therefore maximizing your overall hair shaft, which will provide the environment necessary for hair growth.

How to Use in Your Hair

The suggested way is to purchase organic cayenne pepper at your local health food store, either in powder form or liquid form. Organic cayenne will provide you with the best potency versus the typical brand that you buy at the grocery store.

Liquid form is simply more convenient. If you purchase liquid form use a dropper if it does not already come with it. If you purchase a powder form, mix it with distilled water and purchase a dropper.

Place a couple of drops in the thinning area or wherever needed directly on your scalp. You can do this 1-2 times daily. If needed, part the scalp into sections and apply. Be careful, because as you may already know cayenne pepper is hot so do not get it in your eyes.

When applied to the scalp don’t worry, it won’t burn. You may notice a tingling sensation. That means it’s working. The tingling only lasts for a few seconds or so. Don’t it wash out immediately, just leave it in your scalp and style your hair as normal. Wash out the next time you normally wash your hair, whether it’s the next day or next couple of days.

As you explore the possibilities of cayenne pepper, it will certainly become a dynamic part of your hair and styling regimen.


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