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Celebrate Halloween with a Fun, Cute or Scary Pin

Updated on January 10, 2015
Jack-o-Lantern, by Petey21, in the Public Domain
Jack-o-Lantern, by Petey21, in the Public Domain | Source

All Hallows' Eve, commonly known as Halloween is celebrated in many countries on 31 October. This is the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows' Day, and is the time in the liturgical year for remembering the dead, including believers, martyrs and saints (hallows). All Hallows eve is thought to be a Christianized feast, with Celtic and pagan roots, although some academic scholars believe it originated independently with Christian roots.

These days many people celebrate Halloween with trick-or-treating, costume parties, decorating pumpkins, games like apple-bobbing, and lighting bonfires.

Halloween and Witches

Witches and Halloween are perfect pairs as witches use and manipulate unseen energies. Before the modern weather forecasting services, witches would be called upon to forecast the seasons ahead.

Witch on Broomstick Brooch or Pin
Witch on Broomstick Brooch or Pin

Fun gold plated witch on a broomstick. This pin brooch is hand enamelled, and cute enough to wear anytime.


Halloween Pumpkins and Jack-O-Lanterns

Originally, it was the turnip, not the pumpkin, that was hollowed out to hold a candle, lighting the way of "guisers" and beggars on All Hallow's Eve. It is said that the Irish immigrants replaced their illuminated turnips with pumpkins. Carving ghoulish faces into these lamps is supposed to keep away bad spirits.

Mysterious Black Cats

Mysterious, sneaky, cats stalk though the darkest nights and serve as a bridge from the daily life to a more magical existence. Black being the color of mystery and the unknown, black cats have special significance at Halloween.


Miles Kimball Black Cat Tac Pin
Miles Kimball Black Cat Tac Pin

This sparkling black cat, with emerald green eyes sparkles is purr-fect for Halloween. At 1 5/8" long, the pin has a pewter-finish.

Alilang Emerald Green Colored Rhinestones Halloween Black Panther Kitty Cat Kitten Brooch Pin
Alilang Emerald Green Colored Rhinestones Halloween Black Panther Kitty Cat Kitten Brooch Pin

This black enamel scared cat has emerald green crystal eyes and a brooch style back.


Spiders and Halloween

Spiders are considered to have supernatural qualities and mystic energy. Their webs are symbols of fate and time. Some people are scared of these scurring eight-legged beasties, making them a perfect symbol of Halloween.

For spider fans, whether you prefer a lone spider pin brooch, or a crystal covered spider creeping across her web, it will look great as part of a Halloween costume, or for everyday wear.

Alilang Womens Silvery Tone White Iridescent Halloween Spider Web Brooch Pin
Alilang Womens Silvery Tone White Iridescent Halloween Spider Web Brooch Pin

This lovely spider and web brooch looks great against dark clothing. It is made of silver toned alloy metal, with genuine rhinestone crystals.


Enjoy Easter with a Fun, Cute or Religious Pin

Many things in life are worth celebrating, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and much more. Celebration pins and brooches make great gifts and souvenirs and a fun way to show what is important to you.

At Easter time, what better than to wear an Easter pin..? There are plenty to choose from: bunnies, Easter Eggs, chicks or religious symbols, like the Christian cross.

This lovely Easter wreath pin is available from Amazon - more info below.

Pretty Easter Wreath Pin

Three beautifully decorated eggs and thee colourful tulips and two elegant tulip buds sparkle on this treasure. It's a very pretty Easter pin that you'll love for years.

Miles Kimball Easter Wreath Pin
Miles Kimball Easter Wreath Pin

17 crystals and jewelled stones add a pretty sparkle to this pin. It is a nice size : 1 5/8" long x 1 1/2" wide


Beautiful Religious Pin Brooches for Easter

For many people Easter is not just about hunting for chocolate eggs. It is the most important Christian festival, honoring the death of Christ on the cross and a celebration of renewal.

A pretty Cross design pin brooch, perhaps made in silvertone, with clear rhinestone crystal decoration would be very appropriate for the more pious amongst us. If you are looking for something bright, there is a lot of choice of cross pin brooches decorated with colorful crystals.

Alilang Brass Tone Multi Rhinestones Antique Colorful Holy Cross Brooch Pin
Alilang Brass Tone Multi Rhinestones Antique Colorful Holy Cross Brooch Pin

A stunning and beautiful cross design pin brooch, covered in rhinestone crystals of many colors. With a pin closure and a ring attachment allowing it to be worn as a necklace pendant.


Easter Brooches and Pins

Easter is coming! Loved by children as a day of chocolate indulgence, this is an important day in the Christian calendar. Easter Sunday is a happy day, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Christians and non-Christians alike can enjoy customs such as egg hunting, Easter parades and, of course, the Easter Bunny. Recapture your childhood delight at hunting around the garden with your Easter basket.

Spring Easter Jewelry Crystal Rhinestones Sparkle Dazzle Egg Charm Brooch Pin
Spring Easter Jewelry Crystal Rhinestones Sparkle Dazzle Egg Charm Brooch Pin

Sparkling multi-coloured rhinestone Easter egg pin to show your Easter spirit.


The Easter Chick

Many people associate chicks with Easter but not many know why. It is because the egg and chick were considered as symbols of fertility and new life in Pagan times.

Pastel Colored Enamel Easter Egg Chick Brooch
Pastel Colored Enamel Easter Egg Chick Brooch

This pretty pastel colored chick and Easter egg pin is perfect for Easter and springtime.


Rabbits, hares and Lambs

The Easter Bunny, and other rabbits and lambs, are associated with Easter because these animals are born in the Spring around Easter time.

Spring Easter Jewelry Sweet Bunny with Flower Charm Brooch Pin White Pink
Spring Easter Jewelry Sweet Bunny with Flower Charm Brooch Pin White Pink

Very cute enamelled bunny pin, suitable for wearing at Easter or throughout spring.


Gold Plated Shamrock Brooch - Made in Ireland

The traditional Irish Shamrock, the beloved symbol of Ireland, is a three-leafed clover which is thought to have been used by St. Patrick himself when explaining the idea of the Christian Holy Trinity to the ancient Celts.

This beautiful shamrock brooch was made in Ireland. It is symbolizes Ireland and St. Patrick's Day. Give it as a token of good wishes - each petal on the shamrock brings a wish : Good health, Good luck, and Happiness.

Shamrock and Clover Pins - St Patrick's Day and good luck

The Shamrock is a symbol of Ireland and St Patrick's Day. According to legend, St. Patrick used the shamrock as a metaphor for the Christian Trinity - God as three divine persons : the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Traditionally, the shamrock has also been used for its medicinal properties.

The name shamrock usually refers to young sprigs of clover or trefoil, either Trifolium dubium (lesser clover) or Trifolium repens (white clover). Sometimes other three-leaved plantsare also called shamrocks or clovers. Tand was a popular motif in Victorian times.

The four leaved clover is traditionally associated with good luck because it is an uncommon variation of the three-leaved clover. According to tradition, each leaf represents something. The first three are for faith, for hope, and for love. The fourth leaf is the one that represents luck.

Whether you prefer the three or four leaved variety, there are some gorgeous shamrock and clover pins available, ranging from plain green enamel, through to crystal or jewel encrusted.

More about St Patrick's Day

The Wearing of the Green

The color first associated with Saint Patrick was blue, but as early as the 17th century, green ribbons and shamrocks have been worn in celebration of St Patrick's Day. In the rebellion of 1798, Irish soldiers wore full green uniforms on 17 March to catch public attention and make a political statement.

Which celebrations do you enjoy the most? - Do you prefer family celebrations? Big national events? Or religious celebrations?

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