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celebrity tattoos - [ kat von d ]

Updated on August 5, 2009

history of kat von d's tattoos

Katherine von Drachenberg is the star of the hit t.v series "L.A. ink" on TLC, and before was part of the shop/show "Miami Ink". Kat is of the most respected and sought-after tattoo artists in the industry. Kat has one of the most amazing jobs and lifestyles: she sets her own schedule, picks her clients and parties all night, all while running and maintaining a burgeoning business. Kat balances tattooing and running her business with attending red carpet events, making appearances and promoting herself and the shop (along with her new book "High Voltage" that just came out a few months ago).

 Through her active lifestyle shes been able to have close friendships with and often tattoos several of the actors, athletes and rockers who live in L.A. or come to vist L.A. Celebrities who have been tattooed by Kat with her signature fine-line, black-and-gray life-like portraits include Jenna Jameson, Jared Leto, Eric Balfour and Margaret Cho as well as members of My Chemical Romance, Metallica, Slayer, Queens of the Stoneage, Incubus, Scott Ian and Sebastian Bach, among many more. 


Since Kat Von D has a bajillion and one tattoos, and its almost near impossible to list them all [or at least some[, here's a hand full of the ones you can see:

. Caroline - she has a a tattoo portrait of her sister on her left arm.

. Stars - Her favorite Motley Crüe song is "Starry Eyes" ; it's why she has stars on her face.

. Heartagram - band logo for HIM; Bam Margera also has a heartagram tattooed on him, & the symbol has become widely popular as a lot of people have gotten it tattooed on themselves as well.

. Eyeball - hand. A tattooer Kat thinks is amazing did it for her, and he is based in Cinncinatti.

- 'Los Angeles' - shoulder. Kat is an L.A. girl though and through, so it would only make sense that she have an LA tattoo on her.

- 'Oliver' with rode busshels - neck. Kat got it when she married her [now ex] husband, who is also a fellow tattoo artist.

- 'Hollywood' - stomach. Again, Kat has a whole slew of Hollywood/California/L.A. base tattoos on her.

- 'Mi Vida Loca' - back/shoulder blades. Its translated to "my crazy life", which suits Kat perfectly.

- 'FUCK [U]' - thumb. theres also an orange/apple looking tattoo below it.

- 'i love you' - matching tattoo with [now] boyfriend, Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue. Theres also a little man dressed in red & black going alongside the wordes.

- 'J' - ankle. Her first ever tattoo. It was for an old boyfriend she had back when she was 14. He has/had a tattoo with a 'K' on it.





Kat's paternal grandmother, a professional pianist form Germany, turned Kat onto the arts and pushed her to take piano lessons, even when she didnt want to. Her grandmother introduced her to some of the great composers, including Beethoven, whose work Kat immediately fell in love with. This encounter in turn led Kat on a never-ending journey to discover other composers, painters and sculptors from that time period which can be seen in her shop.

As Kat became a teenager, she was exposed to punk rock music and became immersed in its culture. Her first tattoo was a misfits logo on one of her friends; and by age 16 she was hooked and working at tattoo shops in and around Los Angeles. A few years later Kat was at True Tattoo in Hollywood. Later she worked in Miami  further honeing in on her signature style, developed her hard-core following and came into her own as an artist.


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