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Official Clothing Celebrities Wore In Movies

Updated on February 12, 2013

"Reel Clothes", Celebrity Used Clothing!

How would you like to wear Jennifer Anistons white blouse from "The Bounty Hunter", or Gwyneth Paltrow's dress from "Country Strong"?

Now you can wear the Stars wardrobe from your favorite movie!

All thanks go to Holly Haber! And at prices starting at $50 an item, pretty much everybody has a chance of wearing super-star-used clothing.

This California Mom learned everything about celebrities by collecting their costumes. Then, she finally turned her passion into a living.....

You've read the book,

you've seen the movies,

now wear the clothes!


Reels Clothing

Holly Haber has Reese Witherspoons sneakers and XS blue nike running jacket from "How do you know?"! Holly says that Reese has very tiny feet!

Holly Haber has a treasure chest of costumes from the most famous movies of all times! Gwyneth Paltrow's dress from "Country Strong" is adorable, a cream slip with black lace.

Holly is looking back and regrets parting with Brad Pitt's hat from the 1991 all time classic "Thelma and Louise". She is glad, that she at least kept Susan Sarandon's tank top and bandanna still having the fake dirt on it!

Holly Haber has a strict policy of NO dry cleaning, people want the clothing exactly how they are in the movie.

Holly's company is based in Shadow Hills, California. She owns a 10 000 square foot warehouse, which is managed by her husband Lennard Billin.

Holly's favorite thing to do, is to actually go on set. She remembers the time she had to deliver costumes to Matthew McConaughey.

Haber is very knowledgeable in the world of celebrities thanks to her insider status. For example, she knew about Angelina Jolies dislike towards her "Salt" wardrobe. She thought it was way too masculine! And by the way, Adam Sandler wears the same shoes, a DC brand, in all of his movies. Kate Winslet has an enormous shoe size 11!

Unfortunately, Julia Roberts kept all her clothing from "Eat, Pray, Love"!

The Reels Clothing customers are ranging from serious collectors, to every day people trying to achieve that movie star look on a shoestring budget.

Holly Haber featured in the UK Daily Mail


About Reel Clothes...

Reel Clothes has the experience of 23 years selling wardrobes and props to the public. Their list of clients also include Disney, Sony, Warner Bros, Fox, MGM/UA, NBC, CBS, HBO, Rysher, Regency, Brillstein Grey, Interscope and over 1,000 other independent production companies.

You will receive a Certificate of Authenticity!


can Shop "Reel Clothes" archives for fabulous finds and hidden treasures actually worn by the biggest stars in their most memorable Film Roles!

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