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Updated on April 24, 2013

Your Are The Enemy Of Your Own Shopping Addiction

Whatâs expensive we want more. Whatâs cheap we want less. Life is crazy. I once heard a girl talking to her friend: I donât understand. When I donât have money, I see beautiful handbags everywhere, but when I have money, it seems like they are all ugly. Maybe she is right or maybe itâs something we all have in our system. This so true to Celine handbags, the only difference is that they are hard-to-get in every corner.

Having that said, we are the enemy of our own shopping addiction. All women loves to shop, it's integrated in our system. We can't do without it.We want to look good and Celine help us. Of course, there is a price to be paid.

Let's Dice The Prices

Let's look at the prices. Celine is anything except cheap. How much Celine bags can you swallow. There's always one style that you want. If it's not in the collection right now, wait for the next season. Celine will swirl all over you, making you wanting for more. And then it's time to add another bag in your wish list for this year.

As The Prices Are Enough

But Celine goes a step further. They put a buying restriction or shall I say: 'your money simply can't buy their love'. So how do they track you? Simple, you register your name and address and Celine knows exactly how much gorgeous bag you have bought from them. Did you buy too much? Well… let's take it easy and skip you for a year.

Is this a bad thing? Well, not at all. For regular buyer like me, Celine make sure that there is still some stock available for me. More, Celine prevent their bags from selling on Ebay. There are people buying Celine bag simply to put them more expensive on the internet and sell it you. That’s not fair, right?

First Call: Celine Luggage Bag Prices

Celine Mini Luggage Bag: 2,100 USD

Celine Micro Luggage Bag: 2,200 USD

Celine Medium Luggage Bag: 3,100 USD

Celine Trapeze Bag Prices

Don't forget the Celine trapeze or it will never forgive you. The trapeze is the most cleanest and simple hand bag. But then again, spread it's wing from left and right to make it not only look good, but also expanded the size of the spaces to store your most precious essentials.

Celine Small Trapeze: $2,300 USD

Celine Medium Trapeze: $2,400 USD

Celine Large Trapeze Bag: $2,550 USD

Celine Phantom Bag Is Zip Out and Zip In

Celine Phantom bag is zip out and zip in

You know the Phantom? Not yet? Let me introduce then. The Celine phantom has two wings and two hypnotize eyes. The zipper in the middle looks like it can eat you for life. I am serious. This is what makes this bag so amazing

Celine Small Phantom Bag: $2,650 USD

Celine Large Suede Phantom Bag: $2,700 USD

Celine Stamped Croc Bag Prices

Celine Small Stamped Croc Bag: $2,950 USD

Celine Medium Stamped Croc Bag: $3,100 USD

Celine Clutches Bag Prices - What is your favorite?

In case you are wondering, my favorite is sure the Celine clutch bag. I can't express my love for this clutch. It's so gorgeous, especially the one in orange. Simply adorable.

The Celine clutch can do some good magic. If you look young, simply carry this clutch. Want to look professional, take this clutch with you. Or you want to look hot, there's nothing better than holding a Celine clutch on your right hand. We both look beautiful.

Celine Clutches Bag Prices

Celine Trio Bag: $980 USD

Celine Bicolor Diamond Clutch Bag: $2,300 USD

Hello Celine Box Flap

Kick start your Celine collection with the box flap. We all know that this shoulder bag can change anyone's fashion. Be trendy and look good. The Celine box won't disappoint you. Be careful or you will get addicted for life.

Celine Small Box Bag: $2,950 USD

Celine Medium Box Bag: $3,800 USD

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