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Chanel Jumbo flap Or Maxi flap?

Updated on May 9, 2013

Can't Pick Chanel Jumbo Or Maxi?

Chanel Jumbo flap bag might be one of the best sold classic bag ever. The bag was introduced with single flap and turned into double flap later. The single is not for sale anymore. Some proclaim that the double flap weigh heavier than before, making it less attractive. Others just love it!

Chanel Maxi was introduced in 2009. The small flap and the east west flap have been discontinued previous. The Chanel Maxi is actually an XL size of the classic flap collection. It is the brother of Chanel Jumbo.

Chanel Jumbo and Maxi are different in size and price, but that is not important. The important is whether you should pick Jumbo or Maxi when you decide to buy a Chanel bag. Read on gals.

Size Does Matter

How much bigger is the Maxi?

Well it's heck a lot more bigger.

The jumbo flap bag served actually as the Chanel large size classic flap, not they introduced the Maxi (Maximum size) which is an XL Chanel bag. I belief girls love to carry many personal things in their bags and that's why Chanel introduce the elephant size bag.

Is bigger better?

My dear friend got a Maxi size from her father. She wanted the Jumbo because it match exact to her body and length. But her father got her the Maxi. She love Chanel, she love classic bag, but she disgust the maxi flap because it is not what she wanted.

So is big better? It depends, which one do you love?

Some girls love bigger sizes, especially when they are taller. They love carry lots of stuff besides make-up, keys and wallet, they add ipad or a book. They know they need the Maxi bag and they truly want that size. They will love the bag forever.

There is nothing bumper than buying an expensive bag that you don't want. If the gucci t-shirt on 'S' sizes is sold out, I wouldn't buy an 'L' size for the sake because I love the shirt. I would just wait or buy somewhere else. Cause I won't wear the L size anyway, does not look too good on me.

(image from purseforum)

Match Your Chanel Favorite Color

Picking the right choices also means:

- choosing a color

- the right chain (ghw or shw)

- right leather

I let you decide the right leather, because you got many choices from Chanel. It is either lambskin or caviar. They also have edition with alligator leather, but that's not regular bags.

The right bag color mixed with the right chain color makes you or breaks!

Chanel Classic Flap Black SHW - Need no introduction: The most wanted combination.

Chanel Classic Flap Pink SHW - Ever wanna see this with golden chain? hmmm... shw is better huh?

Chanel Classic Flap Beige GHW - I looooooveee this, even with SHW can't go wrong!

Chanel Classic Flap Grey SHW - Gray? Love on the first sight. This bag so soooo cute!

Chanel Classic Flap Red GHW - Want some attractions? The red Classic flap is an attention magnet.

The Crucial Chanel Moments: Learn From This Mistakes

Here is the story short:

A lovely girl felt in love with a Chanel bag. She wanted the classic flap bag, but she knew black is what everyone is wearing. (Black is actually the color that can match most clothing style and is kind of neutral color). Wanting to be different, she kept looking at all the different bag and chain color, in combination. Then she got it, the Chanel jumbo purple bag with GHW. That's cute, it is different and I love it, she thinks.

Soon after she bought the bag, wore it one or two times, the purple baby was sitting in the box for one year already. Something was wrong, the bag just does not fit into my collection. A Chanel regret.

Pick the right bag, match with your own style. Buy only when you love it and avoid A Chanel regret.

Questions? Please Ask Me in the comments below!!!

Ask Sisi for personal Chanel advice

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    • profile image

      Nancy 17 months ago

      How much does the Cavier Maxi weigh to the Cavier Jumbo?

    • profile image

      jeny 3 years ago

      what is the best goes with jumbo red caviar, is it gold or silver?