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Chanel New Prices Increase 2013

Updated on March 26, 2013

Looking Forward To Buy Your Next Chanel Bag In 2013?

The year 2012 has been pretty sweet for us. Chanel has just increased their prices one time in February. That's unbelievable if you compare to the previouis years. We used to have twice increase year. There is a chance that our prayers have been heard or Chanel decided to give us a break and have merci on us. But that's all in the history. We need ask what is going to happen in 2013? What is Chanel next move?

There's no chance to escape the fact that Chanel will do something in 2013. What is not the question, but when? And we need to take advantage of this, we need to buy our most favorite handbag as soon as possible or prepare for an ambush. I love Chanel and I think Chanel love us too. That's why they keep increasing prices, so that we can buy them as soon as possible or mentally abuse us for our regrets.

Worst feeling ever: Regrets

Current price of a jumbo flap is $4,800 USD. Is that expensive? You might want to figure that out. How about wait for another year and then see what's really expensive. One thing I am 100% certain, Chanel will never and has never decrease their prices. Of course, I am talking about the iconic bags. The history is my proof. The longer you wait, the more nervous you become. What if they increase today, tomorrow or the day after?

Let's be financially smarter. If we buy today, we might get our money back. Our bags continuesly increase in price. It's just like buying a stock, but then knowing that the stock will keep going up and never go down. Chanel has been in the market since Coco started her first shop in Paris. The company will probably never go bankrupt. Take the reissue 2.55, how long has that bag existed? I think it will survive at least for ten years or maybe forever.

New Trend: Chanel Jumbo Flap Bag

People Keep Buying Are Crazy

Buy your first Chanel bag, then observe how the prices go up. Your wallet might for a bit when you purchase, but later on you will be laughing that you got a bargain. You start looking at Ebay as see how much your bag is not worth.

I know how it feels because I own a single jumbo flap a few years ago. I have seen the prices doubled and I am very happy with my purchase. I will be still buying in the future, but not as much as in the past.

The crazy part is that people still buy Chanel after the prices went ridiculously high. In fact, it's been recorded that Chanel has sold more bags than in the past. Apparently people love buying and the more expensive, the better. I always thought that the higher price drive us crazy, maybe that's reason why we keep looking for Chanel.

What Can We Expect?

Will prices increase? Probably yes. But when, who knows? Rumors started first that Chanel will make a move in December, but nothing happened. Second rumors came in February 2013. Last year in the 1st February, Chanel made a move on their prices. People who walked in a Chanel boutique on that day must be very disappointed.

The next price increase might be around $600 for the classic flaps. We are talking about the medium, jumbo, maxi and the reissues. But that's something we heard, nothing has been confirmed yet. Some of the information we get from the SA.

Our impulse to buy Chanel is even more quicker when knowing that we can pay $600 more for our favorite bag anytime. The only thing I can do for you is to cross my fingers.

Someone Spycam Chanel Boutique

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