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Where to Change Your Hair Color Online

Updated on January 21, 2017
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Melissa lives in Downtown Albuquerque. She loves sharing her local discoveries with fellow travelers and explorers.

A nice warm brown with red undertones
A nice warm brown with red undertones | Source

There is never a guarantee, especially when it comes to hair color.

There are so many things that can change the end results of coloring that the color charts provided by the manufacturers seem rather useless sometimes.

I started searching online to see what I could find to help me make some color decisions and I found lots to choose from.

Always Look 10 Years Younger

I have narrowed down the choices to a handful of sites, mainly because they all start to look the same and as I found out some are.

Most sites allow you to do a complete virtual makeover by either downloading your photo or by supplying you with a model that has your eye and skin coloring. You change the hair color and makeup and see what you might look like with an update.

I have included links for each site. Enjoy!

Site #1 My Latest Online Hair Color "Find"

The L'Oreal Paris/USA website has all sorts of new haircolor tools plus matching tools for cosmetics and skin care, some styling info and information for men.

The site uses a lot of Flash technology so I can't give you an exact web address other than the main site which you can visit here. Explore the "hair color" menu.

Site #2 Taaz

See it before you dive in.

Taaz is a virtual makeover website using proprietary virtual "try-on" technology. Taaz sells their technology to clients and uses their main website to show clients their fancy technology--it's a win-win! We get to play for free and Taaz makes money from big business.


Taaz clients include Revlon, InStyle magazine, People magazine and iVillage just to name a few.

Try on new makeup colors and hairstyles. Included are hair and makeup styles we see on the Hollywood red carpet.

Load your own photo or use one of their model photos.

Taaz uses "real" makeup colors from a long list of name brands--you get to choose the brand! They also include a separate color wheel for reds, corals and plumb/browns which means you can dig deep and find the shade that works best for you.

Checkout new color for your face, eyes and lips and even find out what shape of sunglasses looks best.


Hair styling is a bit different. You can choose length and style (like "updo", "bangs", "Afro", "pin curls") and you can choose a celebrity name -- all hair styles are on celebrities and then when you choose one it transfers to the photo you uploaded (lots of fun!).

Uploadig the photo is easy. Once it's loaded they take you through a step-by-step process to identify and outline your eyes, mouth and hair so that the hair color stays in the area it needs to be in.


I got excited when I saw the haircolor tool. Sadly, it was disappointing, VERY disappointing. You use the same photo you loaded for the style and shape tool. You then choose your present hair color and in the following screen are given a fairly typical set of choices for new hair colors. All of that works really well but the new hair colors (you just drag them to your hair and the color fills in), once they fill in, look ridiculous.

Maybe I chose the wrong photo to use, who knows? Let me know what you think but I thought it was a sad representation--completely unrealistic.

I had more fun and got far more information and input by trying on celebrity hair.

Check out Taaz here.

Site #3 Marie Claire Magazine

Great hair color and makeover tools.

Marie Claire magazine has another well done virtual makeover site that includes changing hair color but their set of tools took me a while to figure out. You get a lot of great features here and you can use their model or upload your own photo.

Adjusting the face in your photo or the model's photo to fit inside celebrity hair styles was a bit odd. I found myself squinting a lot to make the extra skin go away or the double chins to disappear.


Not only do you get to play with eyes, and lips you also get to play with foundation, anit-aging and instant looks. The anti-aging tool was kinda creepy but the choices for makeup were great--terrific collection of colors and shades and each one is labeled with the manufacturers name, the color name and its color number.


Here's where I got stumped and it took me a while to figure out why I couldn't see any hair color changes.

I chose a model photo to work with instead of uploading a photo. Before you can change hair color I needed to put hair on the model (their hair is pulled back in the photos and you can see the hair but it has no hair style). First you have to go to the hairstyles and add a style and THEN you try putting color on the hair.

Hair color is all Clairol product - Perfect 10 and Natural Instincts - and labeled with color name.

Problems I Had with This Site

I was never sure if I was seeing color that was interacting with the celebrities original color or was a preset color fill.

I suggest you choose a photo of yourself where your hair is pulled back. This prevents the hair styles and colors from interfering with your own hair. That Nicole Kidman braid is really cool until you place it over my already long hair and Voila! I look like I now have two tons of hair that is in weird mismatched colors.

Secret # 1

Marie Claire and Good Housekeeping use the exact same virtual makeover tool. They are both owned by media giant Hearst Communications.

Site #3 Natural Color Recipes

Mother Earth News has posted a 1982 article that provides natural hair color recipes. The article lists numerous herbs and natural extracts that can be used to dye all hair colors. Check out the article here.

There are tons of great articles on the Mother Earth News site about hair and natural hair care that could be beneficial.

Take the Hair Color Poll

What's Your Favorite Hair Color Product?

See results

Site #4 Clairol Hair Color Makeover Tool

Clairol is the only hair color maker that has an online virtual hair color tool.

While troubled by the ill-fitting "wig" look of adding hair to a model's photo or your own photo (seems to be a problem across the board), the tool is far more realistic about the variety of skin colors, age and hair color possibilities in the female population. You are provided with more choices for models (including two grey-haired beauties) than the other virtual tools I looked at.

The tool even has two male models that can be used for color testing.


Photos needs to be the right size to get all of your hair to be included in the virtual tool. I could never get this to happen correctly.

Using a model photo is problematic because no matter what color you tell the tool your hair is, when you go to choose a new color the tool changes your original color to a silvery blonde. That may work for some of us but not for me.

Oddly, you can find out more about Clairol hair color by using the Marie Claire virtual hair color tool.

Check out the Clairol site here.

Secret # 2

Wash less to make color last longer. Natural Instincts and similar products that eventually wash out will stay in longer if you reduce the number of times you wash in a week. Drop a day every week and make the color last another week.

Going Gray? - You can still look great

Silver is in!!!

You can still look great with grey hair. Find out how using the book Going Gray, Looking Great!: The Modern Woman's Guide to Unfading Glory.

Secret #3

Color products love dirty hair! The color binds better when it's applied to hair that is unwashed for several or more days.

Which Tool Did You Like the Best?

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    • sushilkin lm profile image

      sushilkin lm 6 years ago

      Its very nice to read your lens. Thanks for sharing. Contribute your like for -PRAY FOR JAPAN

    • MyCrazyAdventures profile image

      Melissa 6 years ago from Albuquerque, NM

      @sushilkin lm: Thanks for stopping by. Have squid liked your donation lens Pray For Japan.

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 5 years ago from Central Florida

      What a nifty idea. I used to be more of a strawberry blonde. Maybe I can try it on virtually to see if I want to go back to that.

    • gottaloveit2 profile image

      gottaloveit2 5 years ago

      I'm just about to get back to my winter hair and will check out some of your great links. Love your user name!

    • Keepingscore profile image

      Keepingscore 5 years ago

      What it the best virutal makeover site, I am currently using a Taaz link but am open to upgrading. Your lens mentioned several and the faults they have but I wasn't sure if you had a preference.

    • MyCrazyAdventures profile image

      Melissa 5 years ago from Albuquerque, NM

      @Keepingscore: I keep track of several--manufacturers and sellers are always updating and changing their websites and tweaks and obvious changes can occur to the color tools. However, I favour Taaz but the L'Oreal site looks very promising.

    • profile image

      JerseyJames 4 years ago

      Enjoyed reading your lens.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      nice lens

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      great information here, thank you

    • PippiDust profile image

      PippiDust 4 years ago

      Great, I can't wait to try to change my hair color.

    • Teapixie LM profile image

      Tea Pixie 4 years ago

      I haven't used any of these tools but I really like your reviews. I like that you included links for info on natural colouring approaches.

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