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Cheap 80's Prom Dresses

Updated on October 4, 2014

Cheap 80's Prom Dresses

Prom Dresses! Prom Dresses! 80’s Prom Dresses! Here’s what I know, no matter how hard you try not to date yourself by choosing the perfect stylish prom dress, trust me, in ten to fifteen years when you look back on your prom pictures, you will know that it really was ten to fifteen years ago. However, around Halloween it’s o.k. to wear a prom dress from a specific era and what more fun look than that of the cheap 80’s prom dress. There’s not one! Although I’m a product of the 80’s, I went to prom in the 90’s. I wore a simple but elegant long red sequin dress with a long slit up the front of the right leg. Sounds, general enough right? I don’t know what it is, maybe my hairstyle, but when I look back at the photos, I just can't see a graduating senior of today in that get up, no matter how hard I try to envision it. The 80’s prom dress was a thing of puffy sleeves, bright colors, balloon bottoms, one shoulder ruffle, and ruffles, ruffles everywhere. Some of the more “fast girls” wore the lace underneath their prom dresses and the lace glove-maybe I would have been a fast girl in the 80’s because I fancy that look (you know the CindyLuaper look) over the big puffy sleeves and such. I remember my aunt going to her prom in the 80’s, she wore red and white. A white dress, red panty hose, red lace gloves (this is a true story-it’s all coming back to me as I write) and she wore a red hat (yes, she wore a hat to her prom-she was quite stylish in her day) the hat had a short fishnet veil that came down over the eyes. Now that paints a funny picture, no matter who you are! Though we can look back and laugh at the fashion of the times, we have to admit that those were simpler times and the fashion was fun, less stressful than today’s fashion. Maybe that’s because we didn’t have the internet then and no one could plaster your picture on the first page of yahoo or Comcast. I don’t think that there would have been enough server space to hold all of the fashion missteps of yester-year (also known as the 80s).

Cheap 80s Sunglasses

1980s Clothing

Cheap 80s Prom Dresses

Photo Courtesy of Google Images
Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Cheap 80's Prom Dresses


You’ll be happy to know that people everywhere are selling their 80’s prom dresses! They are selling them or have sold them and someone has thrown up an online shop especially for you. Here’s a few to get you started,, etsy-jenniesjunque had a few items that scream 80’s prom dress and for cheap! Another good place as always is eBay. I saw some blaringly good deals on cheap 80’s prom dresses on eBay! If you’re as lucky as I am, go to your aunt who graduated around 87, maybe she still has hers and doesn’t mind getting rid of it. After few alterations, you may be the hit of the party! Last but not least, if you cant find that special look you're hunting for at the price you want, consider making one. If you know your way around a sewing machine, crank it up and get busy, All you spend is the cost of fabric, (which you can get at JoAnn’s and even some wal-marts), the fabric should be relatively cheap, depending on how big you plan to make those sleeves.


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    • Pineapplege profile image


      7 years ago

      By reading your articles on post prom dresses, learn a lot from the information contained in the article. it is such a great piece of work. Will come back to learn more.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Great article. So true. Sometimes it's great looking at the past.


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