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Cheap Designer Handbags

Updated on September 6, 2010

 Cheap designer handbags may cost you more than you can afford but there are measures one can take to get the best deal possible for your money. Most branded labels cost around $1000 to $ 1500 which is a little more than the average shopper can afford. This Hub will give you some inside secrets to cheaper shopping when wanting to purchase a cheap designer handbag. There's no rocket science to shopping for the best priced items it simply comes down to common sense and what you expect in terms of your purchase. With a little knowledge and some research you can easily find that designer handbag you've always been looking for.

Home Work

Do some research on the desiner handbag you want, . Find out the original price of each item and what the current retail price is for that item. if choosing a Gucci designer handbag, then find out how much does it cost and if each store has a set retail price for the handbag. You may find that prices differ from store to store if you check it out. Just choose a few stores in your area selling label handbags and compare the price and value of each item . it may pay to ask if the item is either brand new refurbished, or second hand, you never know what reply you may get, the store may be having a sell out or getting rid of last minute stock for new inventory, you never actually know until you ask.

Online research

 Why not shop on the biggest retail outlet known to man..... the internet of course!you will find designer handbags for cheap low cost competitive prices if you simply do a search online. There is no easier way to look for low cost items than doing a search online, just simply type in your query in this case designer bags and instantly you will get a list of results. Check out each site and their terms of conditions carefully before purchasing. One of the biggest players in online shopping is of course Amazon they have literally hundreds of products to choose from and will give you a wide selection of designer bags at lower than normal prices. Low cost items will most likely be refurbished goods which are practically goods that have been improved for the market for re sell.

You could also find out if the designer of a specific product has any stores in your area, some of these stores will give their merchandise to lower outlet stores if they are unable to sell them. Which  means a cheaper deal than normal for you. You can even ask the store owner if they have any stock that is selling at lower than retail price, and if there are any discounts on their items. There is much information you can gather by simply asking for it at the counter, they will be more than willing to help you.

Placing Ads

 If you are really wanting to purchase that designer handbag than you may want to think of advertising. Place a ad in your local paper in the wanted section stating the brand, condition and price there may be a fee involved. Online adds are much easier as there are many websites that let you advertise for free. Have a well written ad make sure you cover all requirements such as reserve price, contact information and specify the condition of the item you want to buy. What ever you do make sure it is productive and planed  don't waste time shopping at places that haven't  got your item in stock, go straight to the source by phoning around and also doing some online research to improve your chances.  



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