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Cheap Indoor Tanning Lotions

Updated on January 23, 2015

Indoor Tanning Lotion

With the bad press that tanning in the sun for long periods of time has been getting over the last two decades or more, the practise of tanning indoors or using fake tanning lotions has become ever more popular. In fact the popularity of indoor tanning lotions has grown considerably as their formulation has improved so that the traditional orange color that was often their result has been consigned to the past and a new breed of lotions can emulate the real thing extremely well.

Whether it is a good thing or not is anyone's guess, but while there are many still positive health benefits from spending shorter periods of time in the sunshine, are we forsaking them for the convenience of getting our tans out of a bottle? This article looks at the viability of substituting the sun's rays for a bottled product for cosmetic reasons and whether the indoor tanning lotions are all they're cracked up to be.

Is The Sun Really So Bad?

First of all, the question of whether the sun's rays are really so bad for you needs to be addressed.

There is growing scientific and medical evidence to suggest that in moderation, exposure of the skin to the sun is beneficial as it causes the body to make its own vitamin D, which we need to grow healthy bones and improve our uptake of calcium. Deficiency in vitamin D and calcium is associated with brittle bones, rickets and a variety of bone disorders that come out later in life. Sure you can get vitamin D from pills or supplements, but if the body was deliberately designed to make its own, then surely its the best way to get it.

As long as exposure to the sun is limited to medical recommendations to prevent the potential to attract melanoma (skin cancer) that overexposure is proved to do, then there is probably little harm in it. That had to be said.

So now lets look at the advantages and other aspects of using indoor tanning lotions and creams to fake it!

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What are Indoor Tanning Lotions?

Indoor tanning lotion is specifically designed to increase or amplify the natural effects of UV rays rather than actually block them as with regular sun creams and sun blocking lotions. The effect is generally achieved by using specific ingredients that are designed to promote melanin production and can include actual melanin as one of those ingredients. It is also done by increasing the skin's blood flow, which increases the amount of the body's naturally occurring melanin to be brought up to the skin's upper layers.

Its worth remembering that indoor tanning lotions do not contain any form of sunscreen and therefore they do not offer any protection from the rays of the sun.

The standard description for the types of indoor tanning lotions containing such ingredients that are meant to increase the skin's blood flow is known as "tingle". The reason being that the ingredients generate an experience in the user of varying degrees of a tingling sensation. This experience is generally achieved using certain irritants or other chemicals that cause the user's skin to flush, generating a reddening sensation.

Different people will react differently to certain ingredients, which is why one lotion may have no tingle effect for one person and a pronounced effect in another. This make it almost impossible to produce an objective tingle rating system. Some manufacturers offer tingle ratings designed to offer a rough guide, but there is no standardization. As many people do not like the tingling sensation or even find it uncomfortable, many companies produce indoor tanning lotions both with and without the necessary ingredients to produce the tingle.

In addition to the tingle, many indoor tanning lotions contain what are known as bronzers, which are generally dihydroxyacetone (DHA). DHA is often combined together with other ingredients in order to assist the tanning look. This is different from the way DHA is used in sunless tanning. In this aspect of tanning, the goal is to provide an immediate tan color although they will not avoid exposure to UV rays. In this case, they are generally used to get the tanning process jump started.

In many cases, bronzing lotions are combined with tingle producing ingredients, called Hot Bronzers. In other cases, cooling agents such as menthol are used to produce what are known as Cool Bronzers.

In most cases of indoor tanning lotions, they should not be used outdoors as they do not provide protection from the UV rays of the sun and they generally carry warnings to that fact. If in doubt, consult a medical professional before using.

Do You Use Indoor Tanning Lotion?

Do You Use Indoor Tanning Lotion?

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