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Cheap Sterling Silver Jewelry

Updated on November 28, 2012

Buying Silver Earrings and Rings at Affordable Prices

Through the ages, everyone has loved wearing jewelry, with everything from men's gold rings to beautifully ornate silver earrings and necklaces worn by ladies. Although in days gone by, it was generally the supremely wealthy or powerful who wore jewelry, these days - as in so many other parts of our lives - technology has enabled wonderful trinkets to be mass produced for everyone to wear, without the need to sell the car to afford it!

If you have loads of money to spend, you can still get your fill of luxurious platinum or gold pieces, whether you like rings, earrings, bracelets or necklaces, and in most cases, you can even buy them packed with precious or semi-precious gemstones. But in hard times, recessions and economic downturns, you don't need to feel left out, ugly or unadorned. Simply slide down the scale to sterling silver jewelry instead. This is more affordable than gold or platinum, and most of the cheap silver jewelry these days still looks great, despite being in everybody's price range.

This page outlines some of the options available in silver, and also a few in other metals for the dreamers amongst you!

Silver Dress Ring With Cultured Gray Pearl
Silver Dress Ring With Cultured Gray Pearl

Silver is Fashionable and Safe

Wherever You Wear It

Today's fashion for lovely silver jewelry continues and one particularly popular item is sterling silver earrings. One thing you might not know about silver is the fact that it suppresses bacteria and germs, thus sterling silver jewelry, even things that are used often, remains just about germ free. This aspect helps to make sterling a particularly fine choice for jewelry types that are worn by way of piercings like sterling silver body jewelry. Obviously sterling silver remains an attractive, versatile and affordable preference for other jewelry items in comparison with gold - and huge silver dress rings containing big semi-precious gems certainly are a style requisite today.

Sterling Silver Rings of Love

For Richer or Poorer

If you want to obtain something a little different as your engagement ring, then there are plenty of creative ideas for out of the ordinary engagement rings to choose from. The typical engagement ring is a diamond solitaire fixed in gold, be it yellow or white. To buy a more unusual ring you may decide on a distinctive setting in, for instance, silver, platinum or maybe titanium. Or you could go for unique gems. The range of genuine precious gem stones is restricted to emeralds, sapphires, rubies and diamonds, but if you're happy to consider going to semi precious gems, you could find these in every color imaginable, and at more affordable prices.

Sterling Silver Open Flower Earrings
Sterling Silver Open Flower Earrings

Silver Earrings for the Ladies

From the Discreet to the Flashy

An awesome gift for virtually every woman is a nice pair of earrings. Although when buying jewelry for a surprise you must pay attention to the style of jewelry which the planned beneficiary would ordinarily wear. A number of women give preference to jewelry crafted from white metal including sterling silver, white gold or platinum, and for them a gift of sterling silver earrings might be suitable. When you have settled upon silver earrings, then the next matter to attend to is if they would rather have a plainer model of earring including studs or smaller sized hoop earrings; or if they prefer their jewelry to be noticed more by putting on drop earrings including glistening gemstones along the lines of chandelier earrings. By doing a little bit of study before you start you may choose the set of earrings they will absolutely adore.

An Eternity of Love

With Eternity or Half Eternity Rings

Eternity rings are a form of ring which has been around for many years. The classic structure of an eternity ring is often a precious metal band having channel or flush set gems, sometimes right the way around (full eternity) or half way around the actual ring. The symbolism is of eternal love. At one time eternity rings were often given from a man to his spouse on the birth of their first baby. Right now these rings are frequently employed as marriage rings or perhaps as wedding anniversary gifts. A white gold eternity ring incorporating real diamonds can make a splendid wedding ring alongside a white gold, solitaire diamond engagement ring. Or for a less expensive option, you can buy silver eternity rings set with cubic zirconia rather than diamond.

Saying It With Jewelry

Lasts So Much Longer Than Flowers!

Buying jewelry as a gift, be it a simple pair of silver earrings for a friend's birthday or a classic precious metal ring on a wedding anniversary, can be tough if you do not have in mind the exact style of jewelry you are looking for. Having said that, it is certain that the individual you give the item to will guess that you appreciate and love them since you took the time to pick out something precious just for their special gift.

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