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Cheap Wristbands and Rubber Bracelets

Updated on June 19, 2014

The Future Looks Bright for Statement Jewelry

It seems that cheap wristbands and rubber bracelets are practically everywhere, whether they're making a social statement or worn by a superstar athlete.Though these simple adornments may have a long and colorful history, their future looks even brighter. Some of the innovative designs of tomorrow are actually already available today. Future styles feature purposeful designs that will make our lives easier and just simply more fun. Some of these combine form with function, like USB flash drives, texting and computer holographic display versions that will enable technology enthusiasts to literally wear it on their sleeve. Tracking devices worn on the cuff can help monitor loved ones and keep them safe.

New Twists on Old Classics

Arm ornaments have been around for centuries in some shape, form or fashion; but styles of the future offer endless possibilities. Exciting new fabrications combining the classic silicone band with contrasting materials such as titanium and steel provide a promising basis for design experimentation. Strap designs are giving wrist bands even greater bold design options. Power bracelets sporting a hologram have been popularized by athletes with claims of enhanced athletic ability, with new designs emerging frequently. Attractive rubber bangles made from recycled tires make an important modern plea for environmental responsibility. From simple to extravagant, these timeless adornments are undergoing a metamorphosis.

Monitoring the movement of loved ones is becoming more convenient and reliable with designs utilizing Global Positioning System GPS technology. Alzheimer's GPS watches are particularly important since Wandering is one of the most frightening symptoms of dementia and will affect over 60% of patients. Tracking devices for kids worn on the arm can help locate your missing child. One of the most important applications of monitoring jewelry is in medical alert monitoring of athletes such as cyclists and participants in rigorous sports like rock climbing. These bands feature an ID tag with vital personal identification information such as name, address, and website with important medical information for first respondents. This simple item can be a potential life-saver in a medical emergency or traumatic athletic injury. Tracking jewelry will usually require a monthly monitoring service.

Livestrong bracelet for cancer research is one of the most famous.
Livestrong bracelet for cancer research is one of the most famous.

Make a Statement - Show How Much You Care

Cheap wristbands are a great fundraiser for your favorite charity. You can buy customized silicone bracelets to benefit many specific charities or help raise awareness of social issues or causes. Some of the funds generated from sales of these can help provide research money for cancer, leukemia and more. One of the first and most popular of these is the famous Livestrong yellow rubber bracelet popularized by cyclist Lance Armstrong, with funds going toward cancer research. Important social issues can be promoted, such as the stop bullying rubber bracelets, Sandy Hook silicone wrist bands and the Boston Marathon bombing fundraiser. Order one today and help provide research funds or awareness for your favorite cause.

Taking it on the Cuff with the Latest Technologies

The technological revolution is literally being worn on the sleeve, with USB flash drive arm bands providing convenient, hidden access to thumb drive storage. There are fashionable rhinestone-embellished styles and plain rubber versions in a variety of colors. Inexpensive when purchased in bulk, they can be provided to corporate meeting or trade show attendees for discreet, convenient access to file storage without fumbling through purses or pockets for lost drives. Texting bracelets are currently in development and will combine bluetooth technology with cell phone mobility so the user can conveniently text on the wrist. A computer watch-type device with holographic display is in prototype and anticipated to be available by 2020. An item like this will be especially useful to occupations such as technicians who need computer reference while working with both hands.

Future arm adornments can't be all work and no play, though. Convenient and practical for concert attendees, musical festival ID's are already utilizing the NFC chip for ticket-less payment. This paperless ticket method is environmentally friendly and a boon for concert goers everywhere. And, starting this spring, park attendees at Disney Parks and Resorts will have credit card information encoded in their entrance arm bands, providing more fun and less hassle for visitors. With a little creativity and imagination, bracelets of the future will leave an even greater legacy in the bracelet hall of fame.

Wristbands and Freedom of Speech

Should students be allowed to wear charity statement wristbands at school if the school policy deems them to be offensive to some?

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